Battle with the girls (1)

"Hmm. Well, you might actually be right about that" Zhu Lian said and then tried to stop herself from worrying about Max.

While Max who had been launched many feet into the distance by that arrow that he punched out at, abruptly stood back to his feet with a kip-up.

"What in hell was that arrow that those guys fired at me?" He asked with a solemn expression appearing in his face.

Then as for the female that sent out the arrow at Max, she produced a smile on her face as she kept the red-colored bow back into her spatial ring.

However, as she did so, one of the females on the movement artifact who could be said to be the deputy leader of their all-female group, looked at the girl who was their leader and asked, "Did you just use the Red Dragon Bow for a mortal?"

"Yes, I did." The girl who was the leader said.

She then asked gazing at the deputy leader, "Any pro

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