Under fire (2)

"Damn! Who the hell are these people? Why are they attacking us when we haven't even arrived at the heart of the region?" Max asked with a puzzled expression in his face. 

"They are only trying to stop from us reaching the center of the region." Xiao Bilan said. 

"Oh really? Alright then." Max said with a nod of his head. 

He then spoke further with a fierce light appearing in his eyes, "I guess I have to stop them. Xiao Bilan, keep your hands on the wheel, don't let the chariot fall over. Would be back soon"

Then immediately he said that, and without waiting for Xiao Bilan's reply, he quickly jumped out of the chariot that he was in and dashed out at a furious speed towards the females shooting arrows at them.

Seeing that Max had left the chariot and had begun to run towards them at a speed that caused them to be tremendously shocked, since he was a mortal that se

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