Coming across the Black Lotus group (1)

So, as Max was busy engaging the Black Lotus members in a really intense battle all by himself, he didn't know when one of them that he knocked away using his powerful and focused Kron blast attack, swallowed a particular dark-colored pill to quantitatively and qualitatively increase his Qi so that he could ruthlessly deal more damages on him.

This person was able to withstand Max's devastating blast attack using a high-level defensive artifact that he produced from his spatial ring a second before the blast unleashed by Max would hit him.

Therefore, after he had done so, a really strong aura of power immediately bursted out of his body. But this aura was fearsomely strong that it caused the air around him to be pushed farther away from him, instantly creating a large and temporary spherical zone of vacuum around him.

Then once the aura erupted from his body like he was suddenly engulfed by flame, he abruptly aimed out one of his palms at Max whose attention was

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