Disgraced and Crushed (1)

Max heard what that person said and his gaze became full of surprises.

"What the hell?" He said as he looked at the tall and hefty-looking males that stood arrogantly before the girl that only looked at them once and then looked away.

'So, this kind of madness can actually happen in this kind of world?' He asked inwardly as he began to observe how the event taking place before him would play out. 

He then continued 'Well, like I thought earlier, only the strongest will exercise authority over the weak or subdued'.

Then when he ended his train of thought here, he began to look at the males that stood in front of the girl with arrogant looks in their faces. 

The girl who was spoken to, didn't even bother to look at them again as she was totally focused on selling the maps to people that began to avoid passing in front of her small wooden shop that seemed like it

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