Disgraced and Crushed (2)

As soon as one of the numerous males dashing towards her got in front of her, he abruptly sent out a punch towards her face.

However, the girl who had produced a wide smile in her face when the males began running towards her, unexpectedly didn't move away or twist to dodge the fist shooting towards her face. Instead, she surprisingly raised her left hand to catch the fist punched out with a lot of force towards her head to seemingly crack it open.


Once his furious fist was caught by the left palm of the girl, abruptly stopping in motion towards her face, the girl suddenly applied force on that fist.

Crack! Crack! 

Then as soon as she did that, crack sounds like something broke to pieces within his fist began to ring out.


The male suddenly shouted out in pain as he became inflicted with pain that arose fr

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