General Evan's hideous plans (I)

After a great and epic battle in which Max was completely dominant and showed himself to be extremely powerful, all the shattered bodies of the members of the black lotus group could be seen on the ground.

"Useless people" Max said and produced a fierce smile in his face.

Then using his powerful sense of smell, he was able to trace Swordstorm to where he hid himself with the intention of recovering from the injuries that he was previously afflicted with when they first went up against the other.

Max was able to do so because of the smell that emitted from Swordstorm's body which still lingered in the air.

"So, here you are, hiding like a fearful rat from me. Haha. Or did you think I wouldn't be able to trace you down to this place, huh?" Max asked as he looked at Swordstorm who looked at him like he had seen a ghost.

Then with a strongly embittered expression appearing in his face, Swordstorm said, " Well, you have caught me and there is nothing I can do about it. So, I sorrowfully aw
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