General Evan's hideous plans (II)

Not long, as General Evans was laid in bed, dozens of pneumatic syringes containing seemingly boiling colored liquids and were connected to robotic arms, slowly descended from an hatch many feet above him and approached targeted areas of his body, which were basically his heart, brain, spine, and muscles.

When these syringes connected to robotic arms reached those marked areas of his body, they immediately pierced into them and began to discharge the colored liquids previously sucked into small storage chambers that they possessed.

As soon as those liquids which were different serums with different functions got into his bloodstream, General Evans who easily withstood the pain of dozens of syringes piercing through his body and into the delicate organs of his body, abruptly shrieked in pain and misery. He couldn't help but howl in pain as it absolutely felt like his brain, heart, spine, nerves and all of the skeletal muscles of his body were being gnawed at by millions of metal-eatin
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