Lifting the halberd (1)

"Hmm" Max uttered, looking at the City Lord.

He then asked, "So, can I go in to get it?"

"Sure. Sure. Go on. Since I have made up my mind to give it to you, then it's yours" The City Lord said while Max nodded his head and went into the room to retrieve the halberd.

Once Max appeared before the large pile of coins that the halberd stuck out from and seemed rather imposing, Max immediately stretched out his two hands to grab hold of it. 

Immediately his hands grabbed the halberd, he suddenly experienced a mind-blowing vision that proved to him that both the halberd and it creator were nigh-powerful.

So, in this vision, he saw someone that seemed to be the Heavenly Blood Monarch, a young, tall and dashing young man, floating high in the sky in a certain place in the world, and had a violently surging, dark-red aura of tremendous power boundlessly emanating from his impressive

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