Max's new method of training (2)

With a deep inhale that was immediately accompanied by a deep exhale, Max who was now standing firmly on his feet, closed his eyes and focused within himself on two of the many thousand Kron Particles moving about within his body.

Seeing the look that had appeared in Max's face, the Sanctuary Keeper immediately understood that Max was up to something. But it couldn't figure out yet what Max had in mind to do.

As for Max, the moment that he focused on two of the thousand Kron Particles rotating and oscillating about within his body, which then caused them to become excited, large amounts of energy were immediately released by the both of them which then rushed like ravaging floods to his two arms. 

Then immediately they arrived there, they abruptly erupted out of his two palms to form two massive pools of Kronous Energy that began to levitate before his two outstretched palms.

Once this happened,

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