Max's new method of training (1)

"It's alright. You can carry on with your training." The Sanctuary Keeper said while Max nodded his head and immediately entered into a stance to start the training of his mental will.

Immediately Max entered into the stance to initiate the training of his mental will, he focused inwardly upon a Kron Particle within him and caused it to become excited.

Then the moment the excited Kron Particle began to revolve faster and oscillate more, large amounts of Kronous Energy was immediately yielded by it which then flowed under Max's guidance to one of his arms, where it poured out of it like a river that had broken out of a dam.

As soon as the energy bursted out of his arm like a violently surging flood, it immediately gathered into a pool of energy before that hand and began to float there under the strong influence of Max's mental will now acting upon it. And immediately this occurred, Max focused more on it to prevent it from dispersing for the next two to three ho

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