Members of the Rainsword sect

Members of the Rainsword Sect

The boy heard what Max said and said with a smile "Sorcery? No, this is not sorcery. This is the power that we gain from cultivation of Qi."

"Wow! Do you think I can cultivate Qi too?" Max asked. 

"I don't think so. Since you aren't from around here, you might not have what it takes to be able to cultivate Qi." The boy said. 

"Hmm. Alright" Max said dejectedly. 

Anyways, he wasn't really bothered with not being able to cultivate Qi. He had thousands of Kron particles in his body, and these are inter-dimensional particles in which only the fission or splitting of one Kron particle into two similar Kron particles will yield the release of an astronomical amount of energy that will exceed in many folds, the amounts that will be gotten from nuclear fission reactions or in thermonuclear fusion reactions, like the one that continuously takes

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