Meeting Cultivators And Knowing About The Power Bestowed By Practicing Cultivation (II)

"Hmm. So that is what cultivation is about in your world. It sounds cool. I like it." 

"Well, from where I am from, cultivation is simply improvement of land for or by agriculture. My dad apart from being a scientist and an unparalleled inventor, has a large fertile land that he cultivates. So, we can be said to be agricultural cultivators. Haha" Max said and chortled.

The boys and girls in the group looked at each other with surprise in their eyes. 

Who is this guy? 

Where exactly in their universe is he from? 

"Okay. But that is different from the cultivation that we practice here. See ours as advancement or refinement in both physical and spiritual condition."

"So, with what I mentioned earlier, we are basically advancing from being mortals to immortals who will hold immense and infinite power to be able to control the world and live in

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