Origin of the Blood-Seizing Halberd of Nine Heavens (1)

Assuming it was any other person that flew above the huge bronze gate of the City Lord's grand residential building, this would immediately be taken as a type of huge disrespect to the City Lord since only he was permitted to fly above the gates and protective formations or arrays set up in his residential place. So, since such would be taken as a serious offense by everyone living there, intense battles could instantly erupt just because of it. 

But because he was the one that directly flew over the gate of his building with someone else by his side, he wasn't stopped by any of the guards monitoring the mansion from everywhere that they were stationed at.

When they finally landed to the ground from the height that they appeared at during their flight, the City Lord said to Max, "Please come with me."

Once the City Lord said that, Max nodded his head and immediately followed behind the City Lord to wherever he was t

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