Proud child of the Heavens

He then said, "Well, sorry. I simply can't tell you that. Just as you have your own secrets and will be greatly unwilling to share with me, I also have mine which I am also fully unwilling to mention to you. So, let's keep it that and resume our battle."

Once Max said that, the hefty-looking male only laughed and said, "Alright then. Your wish is my command."

Then all of a sudden, he dashed towards Max with his two fists beginning to glow in a grey color. Also, his eyes could be seen emitting a profound grey radiance that caused Max to suddenly feel tense and immobilized.

"Hmm." Max uttered in surprise when he saw that the male that he was currently battling with, was beginning to glow from the hands and eyes.


Two-tenth of a second later, the hefty-looking male arrived in front of Max and abruptly sent out his fist towards Max's chest.

However, Max who had a higher movement speed than him, rapidly evaded the punch by side-stepping to

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