Ascendent Immortal?

"I see. Well, Child of the Heavens, get ready to be demolished by me." The hefty-looking male said.

But just before he could dash towards Max and unleash powerful strikes at him, Max calmly said with the feeling of confidence and fearlessness emitting from his voice, "Do you really think that it's only you that can achieve such immense movement speed?"

Once Max asked that with seriousness in his face, the hefty-looking male looked at him with an expression of both bewilderment and shock in his narrowed eyes. He then impatiently asked, "Don't tell me you can achieve something close to my transformation too?"

"Well, I wouldn't turn into a monster that you are now. But I can easily achieve the speed that you are moving at and even greatly surpass it if I wanted to." Max said and produced a smile in his face.

"Haha. Let's see you try." The hefty-looking male said in an arrogant manner while Max only nodded his head.

Then with his eyes suddenly turning

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