Going all out against Max (1)

As soon as Max said that, the right ear of the hefty-looking male twitched. It was like he didn't hear right. 

He then looked at Max and asked to confirm what he heard, "I and my men should stop the fight with the guards, then you will be on your way?" 

"Right" Max responded with the slight nod of his head. 

"Hmm. But what would really happen if we don't?" The male asked. 

"Well, many things will happen. So, it's better you stop." Max said with the smile in his face disappearing as it was being replaced by a fierce look.


The hefty-looking male suddenly laughed.

He then said with a mocking smile in his face, "Kid, I don't know how you got here. But it's better you cease the stupid feat that you are pulling and immediately leave my presence, or you will fully regret coming before me to pull this foolish prank."

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