Sent to another battle space

Then when she turned her head to look at them, she could see them gazing at her with mocking expressions in their faces. 

"Hello ladies, why the sad expressions in your faces? Having deep regrets being here?" Zhu Lian asked with a curious and pitiful expression in her face. 

She said that to the two females before her since it seemed like they were looking down at her with contempt in their eyes. 

"What? Haha! Just immediately surrender to us beautiful, or we would mar your pretty face and damage your beautiful, attractive skin." One of the two females that had appeared before Zhu Lian, said with a great amount of confidence in her tone.

However, as soon as that female said that, Zhu Lian immediately burst into a loud and raucous laughter. 

She then asked with an icy-cold expression appearing in her face, "Surrender to you girls? Why would I want to do that? B

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