Slaughter begins (1)

He then said, "Gentlemen, to be sincere, I heard what you said and became curious about the Iron Rebellion cult that you mentioned just joined the Blackfist in our city. And from the way that you said it, you sounded really terrified of them. Are they that dreadful? Besides, I just arrived in this city and I am hearing all these. Do I need to leave if I need to keep my life intact?"

"I see." One of the middle-aged men seated there said.

He then said further, "You can have your seat."

"Oh. Thank you for your kindness, seniors" Max said and bowed slightly at the waist.

Then when he straightened himself back a second later, he pulled a chair out and sat on it.

While the man that told Max to get a seat, began to talk, "Let me start with the Blackfist. Now, this group simply consists of people that are younger ones of people in important positions in the city. So, due to this reason,

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