Strange fishes

As soon as they crashed into the water and caused those waves to surface, the solid spheres of Qi enclosing their bodies immediately disappeared.

Then Zhu Lian quickly swam to Xiao Bilan's side who then held her by her hand. And before they could think of what to do next, the voice of the legacy-bestowing spirit suddenly rang out again, saying "Congratulations to you girls. You have successfully passed the test to be able to gain entrance into the main legacy ground." 

"Now, to arrive at the legacy ground, you will have to swim to the bottom of this water body. Then when you arrive at the bottom, you will find two tall golden pillars. Go through the space between the two pillars and you will immediately find yourself at the legacy ground where the true trials for my master's inheritance will start." 

"However, you girls should note that this task won't go easy for you. You will come across lots of obstacles tha

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