Arriving (1)

"Are you ready?" Xiao Bilan asked Zhu Lian who hurriedly nodded her head.

"Yes I am" Zhu Lian replied.

"Alright" Xiao Bilan said and then let go of Zhu Lian.

Then once she did so with both of them now on their own as they shot to the bottom of the large hole, they immediately made Qi erupt from their palms which then turned into balls of energy in the next instant.

Then as soon as the balls formed, they immediately grasped them by using the power of their will to attract the balls to their palms. And once they did that, they hurled them straight towards one of the columns shooting towards them at a great speed.

So, once the balls reached a distance of twelve feet away from them, Xiao Bilan immediately said to Zhu Lian, "Now!"

Then they both uttered, "Explode!"


The instant that they both uttered that, the

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