The con artist

So, beginning to walk down the road to where the portal was, he came across people on the way who he stylishly asked for descriptions to where the portal was.

Then after walking for a pretty long time, like close to thirty-five minutes, he finally arrived there.

When he arrived at the place which was an enclosed area and saw how it looked, Max could easily tell that this place had been long abandoned, since virtually no one could go in anymore to take items or cultivation resources for themselves.

Then looking far in front of him at a sphere that rapidly revolved, emitted resplendent light and pulsed with the power of space, as space itself seemed to be distorting around it, Max broke a wondrous smile in his face and nodded his head.

He then walked towards it to enter it. And whilst he set out to do that, he braced himself for any result that might come up. So, whether negative or positive, he would take it like that and accept his fate then move on.

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