Arriving at the region

Once Max did that, the City Lord looked at him and said, "Alright kid. Go do what you have to do."

Max nodded his head and stood from where he sat. He then bowed at the City Lord before taking his leave.

When Max left the room that the City Lord was in, he headed towards the gate of the mansion to come out of it.

When he finally came out, after waving goodbye at the guards that he came across and the ones that stood gallantly at the gate, he began to walk down the street where the City Lord's beautiful and grand mansion was located with a brilliant smile in his face.

After walking for about forty minutes, in which the mansion of the City Lord had disappeared from his sight, Max began to look around for a place that was concealed from the public.

Not quite long as he walked with his eyes scanning everywhere around him, he found a place that he could do what he had in mind.

So, he immediately went to the place which was actually an old buildin

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