Max's resoluteness

"What?" Once the female said that, Max's ears twitched like he didn't hear right. 

He then looked at her and said, "Why did you do all that in the first place? You could have come to me that you needed some coins and I would have given you some. Ugh!"

Then he said further, "Anyways, thanks for wasting my time."

The instant he said that, and not waiting for the response of the female that stood before him, Max turned around and began to walk towards the portal to go into it. 

Then the moment that he arrived in front of it, with his intention ringing loudly in his mind, Max took a deep breath and slowly lifted his hand which he placed on the sphere that revolved with a great speed.

But when he did so, he was shocked to discover that nothing happened.

"Ugh! This is bad." Max uttered with a displeased and dejected expression appearing in his face.

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