Max Thorne: Rise Of A Vampire-Cyborg In A Cultivation World
Max Thorne: Rise Of A Vampire-Cyborg In A Cultivation World
Author: Venerable Soul
The miraculous mineral from another world

World: Planet Earth

Year: 30134 A.D


Location: Federal Space Research and Interstellar Travel Agency (FESRITA) 

"Luke, only your son who is an hybrid will be able to go through that portal." A towering man called Elijah Stokes who looked forty and had a blue patch worn over his right eye said to a young man that was in front of him.

"But how do you know that sir? All the people that we carried out the simulated inter-dimensional travel test on all exploded into bits before they could even surface at the desired location." 

"So how will my son be able to withstand the enormous pressure that he would face in that inter-dimensional portal?" The young man who was Luke Thorne by name, asked with strangeness and perplexity in his tone.

"See Luke, your son has thousands of Kron particles within his body and that Vlessleract energy. Those two things are things that no one in our world will be able to contain in their bodies and not die from instant explosion of their bodies into bits." 

"But your son who was exposed to a large amount of them from the explosion of our Matrix Energy Fusion Containment machine didn't die. Instead, he absorbed all the particles and energy into his body. Whereas the others who were close to the range of that explosion were reduced to nothing by the energy and particles that rage and shot about in that area" Elijah Stokes said.

"I know sir. But till this day, he suffers greatly from their unending effects on his body. Sometimes, he could suddenly feel nauseous, have severe headaches and other times, his entire body will begin to ache badly."

"I am his father, so I have seen him in many of his worst conditions. While you haven't sir. And you won't know the immense agonizing pain that he goes through sometimes because of the particles and energy in his body." Luke said.

Elijah Stokes shook his head.

"You have to understand, Luke. This isn't about him or about us. It's about our world which is nearing extinction." 

"Our powerful satellite-mounted sensors have shown us that we only have about a thousand more years before our world, which would have been entirely depleted of all the resources it possesses, will implode. Our world will collapse upon itself"

"That's terrible news for us, Luke. Although it sounds far. It isn't actually. And this is because of the rate at which the metals and minerals at the core of our planet which keeping it in balance are being rapidly depleted."

"So we have to send your son to that parallel world where that strange mineral dropped out from to our world. We can't keep wasting time, Luke. We have to do this." Elijah said, stating his points. 


Luke sighed.

"Alright. I will talk to him." He said.

"Good!" Elijah Stokes said and began to rub his beard. 

Then before he could leave Luke's presence to go attend to other things, Luke suddenly said "And I want you to please talk to General Evans for his permission to implant the T-612 Dominator in my son's body" 

Elijah Stokes's eyes widened in shock from Luke's request. 

"What? That's a multi-trillion dollar project that you want to put into your son's body. I really don't know if General Evans will agree to that." 

"However, I understand why you asked that. So I will help you talk to him. And I believe he will agree to it. Just keep your mind at rest and do your best to convince your boy." Elijah Stokes said and then turn around to walk to the exit door so he could leave the agency. 

Although Luke was happy that the T-612 Dominator would be implanted into his son's body, he was still however unhappy with what the Station Lieutenant just asked him to do; to send his son to a far and distant world that's believed to be parallel to theirs. 

But that was his only son the lieutenant wanted to send on some highly dangerous mission to some really faraway world that they had not even the slightest idea about.


Luke sighed again.

Then he turned around to go meet his son, Maxwell Thorne, where he and many others were being trained in close-quarters combat by their combat instructors.

He entered into a Jet Pod and pressed a certain button. 

And as soon as the button was pressed, rubber straps shot out of some mini-hatches in the pod and wrapped around Luke to secure him in place. 


Immediately the rubber straps bound him in place, the Jet Pod shot out at extreme speed towards a certain distant place where his son and many others were being trained. 

Many minutes later when the Jet Pod arrived at the location where his son was been trained, Luke came out of the Jet Pod when it doors automatically swung open for him. 

Then he walked into the large training facility where his son and many others were being heavily trained in combat.

Max, which was also short for Maxwell, perceived his father's scents from far away and then began to search the whole place for him using his sharp and powerful vampiric vision. 

And when saw his father, he immediately went to meet him.

"Dad, what are you doing here?" He asked with strangeness radiating off of his question.

His father had never come in here before to see him. So he was surprised to see his father in here. 

"Son, I need to speak urgently with you. I know this is going to be very hard for you. But I want you to know that if you ever do this, you will be immortalized." 

"People on the surface of this planet will surely worship you as their savior. You will become like a god amongst us. I know you will want that, right?" Luke asked with a smile in his face, trying to fully capture his son's interest.

Max's stare of astonishment intensified.

"Really?!" He asked. 

"Yea" Luke replied. 

"Hmm. Alright dad. Please go on." Max said.

Then his father, Luke continued "As you know already, a really large piece of a strange, unidentified mineral dropped from a massive, unstable wormhole to our world. But this mineral was tremendously useful to us. We could use it in numerous number of ways." 

"We added just tiny bits of it to drugs to totally heal people who had highly infectious and exceedingly lethal, viral diseases that were far worse than cancer, HIV-AIDs and so on which we conquered many millenia ago. And surprisingly, the terrible killing diseases that those people had vanished without a trace in only a few seconds." 

"Also, when administered to the aged and really old-looking people, they looked much more younger. It was like time was greatly reversed for them. Imagine someone who was hundred now looking forty upon administration of those drugs."

"Furthermore, this mineral produced clean energy that was near-inexhaustible. Unlike the ones which you absorbed and is causing you severe random sicknesses, this have no side-effects if one is exposed to large doses of radiations that will emit from it upon it disintegration in the energy-deriving mineral reactors. And it still has much more applications that we haven't discovered yet" Luke said and looked at his son to see if he was receiving all that he was saying.

"Okay. But dad, why didn't you give me those drugs too? My sicknesses could have vanished you know" Max questioned with one of his brows furrowed. 

"Son, your mother has put it into many of your meals times without number. But we saw to our anguish and dismay that it couldn't actually heal you." Luke answered morosely. 

"Really? But it's a mineral that possesses tremendous healing capability just as you have mentioned. Then why couldn't it heal me? Perhaps you put it in my meal in small doses or amounts that it couldn't have a really significant healing effect on my body" Max said with weirdness in his tone.

"Not that son. See, even if I made you directly swallow large chunks of that mineral, you will still be sick. No doubt about that." 

"Those things in your body, the Kron particles and that Vlessaract energy, as long as they aren't fully under your control, you will always feel sick, no matter what." Luke answered. 

"Huh? Why is that, dad?" Max asked.

"You know, the massive amounts of energy that they are generating is too much for your body to handle or contain, resulting in you always feeling sick. Especially the one coming from those Kron particles." 

"However, the only time that you won't feel sick is when... Aii!... I just hope he agrees" Luke said with a hopeful gaze in his eyes. 

"Who will agree?" Max asked with a raised eyebrow. 

"Don't worry about that son" Luke said. 

"Hmm... Okay" Max said.

Then he continued by asking with a curious look in his face "So dad, what you spoke about earlier, about me becoming a god amongst men. What can I really do to become that, dad?"

Luke smiled.

'My son really wants to be a god. Haha!' He said and grinned inwardly. 

"The strange unidentified mineral I spoke about which we now call Miraculium, will be exhausted anytime in the future." 

"We have used one-tenth of it original composition since twenty years ago. And once it's fully exhausted, with the decent amount of it that I kept for myself totally depleted, your loving father will surely die of old age."

"While your mother who is basically an immortal since she is a vampire and won't possibly die of old age, will however emaciate and then probably wither to her death after many millennia" Luke said. 

"Hmm. And how will that happen?" Max asked curiously. 

"Son, there will be no blood from any animal or human to keep her going since they would have all died due to the appalling condition our world will be in when it get to that particular terrible stage."

Max's brows wrinkled in fear from the last sentence that his dad said. He surely didn't want a bad fate to befall his parent and their world. 

"Dad, what particular terrible stage is that?" He asked. 

"Son, the resources of our world are nearing total exhaustion. And when it eventually does, with all the metals and minerals that form the core of our planet totally depleted, our world will lose it stability, then it form and eventually implode, collapsing completely upon itself." 

"So, you should know what that means, son. That simply means no more planet Earth" Luke said and looked at his son who was now in a deep thoughtful state.

"Hmm. Then what can I do about it? How can I prevent that?" Max asked when he came out of his deep pondering state.

"We will send you into a simulated portal that will take you to that world where the large chunk of miraculium dropped out from" Luke said gazing at his son to see if he would accept what he just said. 

He felt in his heart that he still needed to do a lot of convincing.


"Another world, really?!" 

"Heck! I am in, dad" Max said excitedly.

His father became shocked.

"Son, aren't you going to get angry at me for trying to persuade you to go to another world that is extremely distant to ours?" Luke asked in an unbelievable tone.

"Why dad? Why should I? Since it concerns you and mum's lives which I only care about, I will definitely go." 

"Besides, to be really sincere dad, I am tired of planet Earth. I wanna go to other places that's really distant from our world and try new things." Max said with a visibly excited expression on his face.

"Oh. But why?" His father asked with his interest piqued.

"Because I am literally bored of Earth. I wanna see and experience new things, dad. So, I will like to venture into that distant world."

"But I hope that where you will be sending me to is exciting and at the same time, thrilling and dangerous. Or I won't be happy with you in there." Max said and threatened.

Luke looked at his son and shook his head.

'His adventurous and daring spirit are still very high.' He said inwardly.

"Alright. Then I have to prepare you for it. I can't just send you into some world without proper equipments and paraphernalia to protect yourself from harm that you will surely come across in that unprecedented world." Luke said.

He then stated further "Even if you have shocking inborn powers as a half-vampire and those amazing superhuman abilities that you got from that Vlesseract energy continuously modifying your body's physiology, I still have to seriously equip you with some of my own fantastic technological creations." Luke said while max gladly nodded his head. 

He knew his father's marveling and insane inventions. They were basically unparalleled in this world, so he really felt. 

"Come with me" Luke said further.

Max then left the combat training facility with his dad and entered into the Jet Pod which when it released rubber straps to bind them in place, it shot off at an high speed to a particular location.

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