The T-612 Dominator Armor

Location: Federal Bionic and Weapon Research Facility, Nevada, USA.

When the Jet Pod got to this location, Luke and Max came out of it and walked into a massive facility to an area in the facility where lots of tests and researches on exoskeletal and endoskeletal biomechanical limbs seemed to be endlessly taking place.

Max's father, Luke Thorne, who was the Chief Bionic Research and Test Supervisor in this place, was being humbly greeted by the other scientists who were junior in ranks to him.

He simply politely nodded at them and then took Max to a place where something he and a lot of other scientists jointly worked on to create.

When they got this place and he showed Max what he and many others jointly worked on, Max couldn't help but gape in extreme shock.

"Dad, what's this?" He asked with widened eyes due to intense amazement.

"This is the T-612 Dominator." Max's father, Luke, replied.

Then he continued "It's an endoskeletal armor made from the strongest and toughest composite alloy in the world. It's nigh-indestructible and surprisingly, extremely flexible. Also, it can easily withstand extremely powerful shocks from various types of impacts by instantly absorbing them into it molecular-metallic structure, making it all the more denser than it previously was."

"We have long replaced reaction containment walls of nuclear reactors which we scrapped many millennia ago for a far better, clean energy-producing reactor that we built with only half an inch of the composite alloy used to build the powerful endoskeletal armor that you see before you. And the energy-yielding reactions that take place in the reactor are many times the amount that can be gotten from a fission-type nuclear reactor "

"So son, you should be able to guess the great toughness and durability that it will possess. Also, you should be able to imagine the immense strength that it will grant a person if the armor was implanted into that person's body. You know, when fixed to the person's bony framework with the aim of increasing the skeletal strength of that person to a great degree."

"Yea, I can imagine it. It will simply grant the possessor vast physical strength" Max said with intense awe in his eyes.

Then he looked at his father with an hopeful gaze in his sharp eyes "So, um, dad, will I also have this too?"

His father looked at him with a smile and said "Yes son, I really want you to have this. It however depends on whether General Evans would agree to my request."

"Why won't he agree?" Max asked with his hope beginning to slowly die.

"You know, this state-of-the-art armor which you see before you cost more than eight hundred trillion dollars to build. We could arrive at this really insane amount because it wasn't only the United States contributing to the project alone."

"Literally all the countries in the world like China, Japan, Russia, Canada, India, the European Union and so on donated heavily in cash and resources to the creation and perfection of this beautiful and striking, nigh-invincible super-strong armor."

"So, it isn't something General Evans who will totally decide who it goes to will give to you, son" Luke answered.

"Wow! It really cost that much? Damn!"

"But for what ends was it built for, if I may ask?" Max asked in shock.

"Well, it was General Evans's plan to give it to someone that was going to go into a portal that will transport him or her to that parallel world where that Miraculium mineral dropped out from" Luke replied.

Immediately after Luke said this, Max's eyes shone.

Then he looked at his father and asked "Since I am the only candidate worthy of going into that parallel world, it should be given to me right?"

"I can only hope so, Max. There have been many men who are been trained for this mission which you are about to embark upon by General Evans."

"He fully believes that only one of the hefty and brawny men that he trained is qualified to have the armor implanted into his body."

"But the Station Lieutenant, Elijah Stokes, thinks greatly otherwise. And his reasons are because of the Kron particles in your body and your body's unceasing auto-modifying physiology."

"He believes that only you will be able to quickly adapt in there. He had been demanding for a long time that I keyed you into that infiltration-espionage program being run by General Evans which I always bluntly refused."

"Well, not until today that I finally acquiesced to his constant forceful demands." Luke said and sighed.

"I understand dad. Let's just hope. General Evans might actually accept your request" Max said hopefully.

"Well, that is only if Lieutenant Stokes is able to convince General Evans that only you have the capability to survive in there and successfully bring back large amounts of that mineral." Luke said.

"Okay dad. Let's be hopeful." Max said.

Then he asked "So father, what things can this armor really do?" Max asked curiously.

"A lot of things, son. It can grant the user extreme super strength, tremendous super speed, vastly increased body toughness and resistance to damage since it can basically absorb all forms of shocks to an astronomical level. Haha!"

"It's also capable of many other astonishing things other than those that I mentioned since it has been fully weaponized and has installed in it, numerous nano-sized devices" Luke answered.

"Nice!" Max said out loud.

Then he questioned with a gaze that gave the feeling that he was burning with curiosity "What is the maximum amount of physical strength that it can actually provide the user?"

"Well son, we have not been able to determine that since the armor hasn't been tested on anyone yet. This is the very first one and probably the last. But theoretically speaking, the armor should be able to give the user near-immeasurable physical strength" Luke said with a smile. He was very proud of what he worked on.

"Wow!" Max exclaimed with astonishment in his eyes.

"Right. Talking about super strength and super speed son, how much can you lift and how fast can you run now using purely your vampiric powers?" Luke asked.

"Well, I can lift close to ten tons now and run at hundred miles per hour" Max replied.

Luke nodded his head.

"That's good, son. With time as you grow, the amount that you can lift and the distance that you can cover in a minute or in an hour will surely increase by leaps."

"And this is a feat those those men been trained by General Evans won't be able replicate no matter the kind of body-enhancing serum that they will take."

"Then if you are given this endoskeketal armor, your base physical strength and speed will be multiplied from ten folds to a million or billion folds and much more." Luke said seriously.

"Whaatt?!" Max asked with glowing, intensely astonished eyes.

"I am not exaggerating son. Or why do you think it will cost more than eight hundred trillion dollars which is a contribution of funds and resources from all the countries in the world to create?" Luke asked as he looked at his son who still had that extremely astonished expression in his face.

"Wow! I am really wowed, dad."

"Alright. I believe you." Max said with a radiant smile surfacing on his lips.

Then before Luke could continue talking, numerous beep sounds suddenly rang out from a military-grade, android smartwatch that was worn on his wrist.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Luke pressed a button on his smartwatch and a wide ray of light projected from the watch to a few feet in front of them to form the image of Elijah Stokes.

As soon as the holographic image of Elijah Stokes appeared, Luke's heart began to race.

"So, did he accept?"

That was the question he first asked, forgetting to greet the Station Lieutenant due to the intense anxiety that had surfaced in his heart.

Elijah Stokes understood this and took no offense.

"Nope. He bluntly disagreed. He said the armor is only meant for one of the men that he trained hard himself" Elijah said with a visibly sad expression in his face.

Then both Luke and Max's facial expression turned sour.

"However, he said that you can go right ahead to implant the armor into your son's body." Elijah said further.

As soon as Luke and Max heard this, their soured faces cheered and brightened up.

"Really? Thank you so much lieutenant Stokes" Luke said appreciably while Elijah nodded his head.

"But how were you able to convince him?" Luke asked in a curious tone.

"Well, I told him that all the men he trained will be many times useless when they crossed over to that parallel world with the endoskeketal armor, then the energy storage cells that they carried along with them becomes fully exhausted of the energies that they contain. That will be really terrible and unfortunate. Haha!!"

"You know, this really powerful armor that you and the others created, due to the heavy energy-demanding components that it's composed of, will quickly exhaust the hundreds of energy storage cells that those men will carry with them"

"So, I told General Evans that why not give it to someone who basically can't run out of energy. That has the capability to exceedingly power the armor so it can operate at many times it maximum operating capacity, and has the enhanced and advanced physiology to be able to rapidly adapt and survive in that world which we literally have no idea about"

"Those are just what I told that stubborn fellow and he surprisingly agreed."

"Luke, you have to heavily pay me for this feat that can't be reproduced by any other person alive. Haha!!" Elijah said and grinned.

"Haha. I will sir." Luke said happily.

"Just joking. No need to. Alright, you can start implantation of the armor into your son's body. Let me leave you to do your thing."

"Make sure to contact me when you are done with the implementation process. Bye for now, Luke." Elijah said and broke off his holographic communication with Luke.

Luke looked at max who was smiling happily from ear to ear.

He was certainly full of gladness that boundlessly overflowed from his body.

He really wanted to have this armor and now he can have it.

"Alright son. No time to waste any further. And now that they have agreed to let me implant the armor into your body, you shouldn't feel sick again." Luke said.

"Really? Is that possible, dad?" Max asked.

"Yea, by consciously directing the excessive energies generated from those Kron particles in your body to the armor to power it, your body won't be overburdened by the energy that sometimes causes you to feel bloated and extremely nauseous"

"I promise you son, you will really feel good after I get the armor into you" Luke said with a delighted grin while Max happily nodded his head.

"Alright son. Let's start the implementation process immediately."

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