He then coldly looked at the thieves when he finished saying that and asked with hints of both brutality and mercilessness in his tone, "If you are simply unhappy with what I am about to do, you should step aside and talk."

However, no one did that while Max nodded his head and said, "Yea, I didn't think so."

He then produced the Dimensional Storer and emptied everything in each of the treasure boxes before him into it.

Immediately Max did all that, he stood to his feet and prepared to leave where he was.

But before he would do so, he appeared before one of the thieves before him and asked, "Why do you guys do this? There are a huge number of common men out there who are working hard daily to be able to get money to provide for the needs and wants of their families. So, what makes you any special than those guys that you can't work and rather resort to stealing or robbing from others by force, huh?"&

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