As the device which was in the shape of an orb fell directly to the top of one of the rows of buildings where tons of all forms of marveling treasures were kept, the orb-shaped device instantly cracked open in many places, before noiselessly shattering in the next moment into innumerable pieces, releasing thousands of robotic, nano-sized termites and bugs all at once.

The instant the nano-termites and nano-bugs were released, they began to flap their exceedingly tiny metallic wings to move their bodies to the places where people could be sensed in this area.

And once they had attached themselves to the clothes of these people, they immediately blended with the colors of the materials of the clothes, thereby turning invisible so that some cultivators with powerful vision wouldn't be able to notice them.

Seeing that the nano-termites and nano-bugs were in place and had established stealth, secured neural links with the cultivators, where they would be able to tap

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