Heading to the mission's location

When Max was done going through the list of equipments and instruments in the paraphernalia cube that his father gave him, he produced a smile in his face and said, "Finally. I have gotten what I need that will look out for and stop those guys that will deploy the alarm that will alert those freakishly powerful old cultivators."

Then with a thought from him, the item instantly materialized in his hand, once the Teleporter that was neurally connected to him sensed it.

"It's time to move towards that region" Max said with a solemn expression manifesting in his face.

However, he recalled in the next moment that he didn't have something that will help him navigate to that region where the theft mission was to be carried out. Furthermore, he could have gone there himself without the need for a navigating device, but he just wasn't familiar with the different locations of this world, or more precisely, of the continent that he was in.

"Damn! And Zhu Lian isn't

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