Battle with the low-ranked guards (1)

Once Max said that, the guard looked at him with a shocked expression in his face. He couldn't believe what Max just said.

Then before he could say or do anything, Max abruptly sent out a punch towards his chest.


The instant Max's fist impacted his chest with a tremendous amount of force, the cultivator guard was immediately lifted off his feet and hurled into the distance where he crashed into the earth and dragged along it for sometime before coming to a halt.

Once the other guards noticed what happened, many of them immediately dashed to where Max was to attack him.

"You, what happened between you and our colleague? Why did you choose to attack him?" A particular guard asked with his eyes beginning to glow with fury. 

"Well, because he was arrogant before me. So, I decided to clip his wings by giving him that punch which he shouldn't wake up fro

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