Transforming the energy pools into solid projectiles (2)

So, with a strongly determined expression appearing in his face, Max closed his eyes again and focused inwardly on one of the many thousand Kron Particles revolving and vibrating within his body at the same time in the multiple billion cells that composed his body.

Immediately he did that, where voluminous amounts of Kronous Energy was instantly released by the excited Kron Particle in his body, Max moved it to one of his hand and caused it to erupt out of it. Then the moment that the Kronous Energy discharged from his hand and turned into a large pool in front of his outstretched palm, Max immediately focused on it and tried to compact it into a much smaller pool.

As soon as he did that, where the pool suddenly began to grow smaller in volume but much more thicker, then finally up to a stage where it was one-tenth of it previous size, Max prepared to cause it to solidify into a dense crystalline solid. 

The moment

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