Wonders of the world (3)

"Hmm. Alright." Max said with the appreciative nod of his head.

He then continued with a smile appearing in his face, "So, senior Sanctuary Keeper, what other wonders of your world would you like to mention to me? I want to know more."

"Well, we still have many more, and of course their deductions on how they came to be." The Sanctuary Keeper said while Max nodded his head.

The Sanctuary Keeper then said further, "We have the Giant Bone Sword, a sword that seemed to be forged out of the bones of the hundreds of corpses from a particular tribe of giant due to the shocking degree of it immenseness. Also, it is dreadfully towering in size that it literally has it huge sharp tip stab through the sky into the void." 

"How that sword was built without falling apart, since it was formed from the bones of giants arranged together, still baffles many cultivators that have gone there to check it out and e

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