Wonders of the world (2)

Immediately the Sanctuary Keeper said that, Max's eyes shone with marvel.

He then asked, "What about the Golden Dust River? Is it still available for someone to bath with?"

"Well, unfortunately, it has since dried up. And this was because of the moment small drops of blood got into it, from cultivators who were engaged in a life-and-death battle above it." The Sanctuary Keeper said while Max nodded his head in understanding. 

"Wow. So the river is really no more? Ugh! Would have loved to journey to whatever place that it's located to set my eyes on it. The feeling that I will get from just seeing it alone with be absolutely magical." Max said while the Sanctuary Keeper nodded its head 

Once Max said that, he looked at the Sanctuary Keeper that stood beside him and asked with an indescribable look surfacing in his face, "So, people were really endowed with cultivation talents by the Golden D

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