Psychokinesis (aka Telekinesis)

"Well, for a start, I am sure that he is the cause of the extinction of those giants. Now, the expert that killed them and turned their entire massive bones into one utterly massive singular sword, must have deeply hated them, but for a reason that I can't really tell." The Sanctuary Keeper said.

Once the Sanctuary Keeper said that, Max nodded his head in understanding.

He then said, "Wow. Two of the numerous wonders of your world that I just heard are really amazing."

"Well, I have only mentioned two of them to you. There are still many more. With time, you will learn more about them." The Sanctuary Keeper said while Max nodded his head.

"So, when I was discussing about the Giant Bone Sword, there was a time that I perceived that you had entered into a deep thought state. What were you thinking?" The Sanctuary Keeper suddenly asked Max a question that caught him off-guard.

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