Xiao Bilan's effort at Convincing Max

"Okay. But why won't you following us to our sect anymore? I want to know the reason" Xiao Bilan asked. 

She then said further "You know, since you are new to this world of ours, you can learn one or two things about it. And that, you can do at our sect" 

"That's right, Bilan. But like you earlier said, I am a unique and strange, super-strong mortal. Therefore, once the fearsomely powerful people at your sect realizes this, they might come after me to know how I am able to achieve my astonishing physical strength and rare powers."

"I had a re-think of going to your sect seeing how those guys from that sect jointly used a powerful spell on me to burn away my shirt and cause me serious deadly burns that spread all over my upper body. So, if those clowns could do that, what about those old eccentric fellows at your sect that would know many insanely powerful, terror-unleashing spells?"

"I would simply be at their mercy when they find out that somet

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