Young Master Da Lou

Once he had done that, Max gave a smile.

He then began to walk away, ignoring the gazes of people on his body.

As he walked away in a random direction, the guards who didn't know that tracking bugs had clung to the clothes, hats and boots that they wore, began to look at him as he walked away with furrowed brows. 

They saw when he opened his clenched fist like he wanted to release something, but they didn't know what those were. Then after thinking about it for sometime more, they arrived at a conclusion that Max was only trying to be mysterious by opening his fist as if he wanted to release something from it. 

Then they looked at their Young Master who was busy staring hard at Max as he walked further into the distance. While the one that struck Max with a punch at the center of his forehead, came before him and said with reverence in his tone "Young Master Lou, that mortal fool is far gon

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