Mega Hit: The Man With All The Power

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Mega Hit: The Man With All The Power

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In a world of betrayal and heartbreak, Ivan, once looked down upon, embarks on a journey of self-discovery and vengeance. His wife, Lucy, forces him to attend a dinner party, leading to his job loss and a series of unfortunate events. Lucy reveals her infidelity with Ivan, further shattering their relationship. Ivan's life takes an unexpected turn when a stranger saves him and covers his hospital expenses, revealing a mysterious connection to his past. As his wife's career rises, she decides to divorce him, and Ivan reluctantly signs the divorce agreement. Unbeknownst to Lucy, Ivan is the heir of a powerful supernatural family, destined to be a war god with immense power. He builds a trio of successful technology companies and becomes the greatest Lycan leader the world has ever seen.In a quest for ultimate power, Ivan becomes the greatest Lycan leader the world has ever seen, rewriting his family's legacy and exacting justice upon those who wronged him.In this tale of redemption and revenge, Ivan's journey takes him from a shattered man to a formidable force, will he succumb to the darkness that consumes him, or will he find the strength to rise above his past and forge a new path? Find out in this gripping saga of love, betrayal, and supernatural power.

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269 chapters
Chapter 1: Lost his son 
Inside a hospital room a man stood by the side of the bed, his gaze filled with concern as he looked down at the sickly 4 years old boy lying there. His frail form was covered with a soft, floral-patterned blanket, and her gentle breathing echoed throughout the room. Tubes and medical equipment surrounded him, a reminder of the battle he was fighting against his failing health.He brought out his phone and dialed his wife's number, which rang incessantly, but she wasn't picking it up."Pick up lucy."After trying her contact with no avail for a few more minutes, he decided to go home to find any means to gather money for his son's medical bills so treatment could commence, knowing fully well the possibility was zero, he had spent all his life savings just to get the doctors to attend to the boy. He needed to pay at least half of $7000 and where would he get that from?"I'm sorry daddy can't help you." He could not help but remember how his son landed up in the hospital as the memories
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Chapter 2: betrayal
Without wasting any time he went straight to Lucy' house.As he made his way up the winding driveway, his eyes fell on the car parked in the garage. It was a stylish and extravagant vehicle, one that spoke of wealth.It wasn't Lucy's car.Beside it, another Mercedes-Benz was parked. Even though he was confused as to who owned it because he had never seen Jess drive such a car, he didn't think much about it.With a deep breath, he pushed open the front door and stepped inside. The living room was well-furnished, with plush sofas and elegant decor, though it fully belonged to Lucy. It was their home.The angry look on Ivan's face vanished immediately after he entered the living room. The faint sound of moans of pleasure drifting from upstairs made him frown.The realization of what was happening hit him like a ton of bricks. Even though he couldn't hear the voice clearly, he couldn't be more familiar with Lucy's voice, so he knew it was hers."What's going on?" His mind was filled with
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Chapter 3: Bitter truth.
"Why Lucy? Why did you do it? And with my ex-boss? Don't you have any shame? Why did you have to lower yourself to that extent?" Ivan asked with an ashen expression. His skin was pale to begin with and with the distress, it became paler and he almost looked as if he was drained of blood."Ivan, can't blame me...I had no choice, he promised to help me if I accepted him, he....""You pushed yourself to him because he gave you petty promises? What can does things do? It would not last you for eternity." Ivan cut her off in angry. He felt as if something stuffy was pressed against his chest and he coughed, Lucy was startled but did not help him out, she just kept her head lowered without talking. "Did you ever have feelings for me? Do you even care about the child we had together?" Ivan asked again. When he remembered what happened to his son, his eyes reddened and he clenched his fists before glaring at Lucy with despise.He had tried calling her yesterday but she did not pick a
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Chapter 4: The weakness of the poor.
Ivan stood rooted on the same spot, his body was shaking violently and he looked as if he was going to break down at any moment. At that moment, his emotions were very complicated, he was even in turmoil. Lucy entered the room again, but she was fully dressed. She seemed to be searching for something and did not spare Ivan a single glance. Ivan choked slightly, it was as if something was stuck in his throat, but he knew that he had to tell Lucy about their child. She might change her mind....probably. "Lucy, have you really made up your mind?" He asked instead, holding unto the last string of hope. Lucy finally raised her head to look at him, but contempt and disdain was obvious in her eyes. She looked at him as if he was a joke."Why should I change my mind? I would have left you since all this days, but when I thought of that boy, I could not do it." She said and his eyes reddened."O...our child, h...he died yesterday." He finally said.Lucy was stunned for a while, seeming to b
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Chapter 5: Defeat.
Ivan left the company with slumped shoulders, he carried his things on his left arm and walked slowly towards home. He would have hailed a taxi but he does not have enough money, so he could only walk.His mind kept recalling what had happened the previous night like a broken disk, everything kept flashing in his head and his nails dug into his palms but he seemed to not have noticed it.His face was filled with distraught and he kept his head lowered as he walked. It seemed as if all strength has been drawed from his body but his heart was filled with grievance, anger, hatred and self-depriciation. He let out an hollow laughter and blamed himself for everything. His son had died and it was his fault, he could not even keep his wife to himself, he felt that Lucy could only resort to that means because she was helpless. "It was all my fault." He whispered in a low voice. He suddenly did not feel like going home, the house was filled with memories of his son and his wife, when they ha
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Chapter 6: Divorce Papers
The sunlight seeped through the window and highlighted a figure on a bed, his arm and head was bandaged and you could still see the slight blood. His face was ghastly pale and his lips were chapped and dry.All in all, he looked very sick and feeble, if you did not look closely, you would not know that the figure was a 'he' because of his weak physique.The figure grunted and squinted his eyes open with difficulty, he closed them back as he was unable to adapt to the sudden brightness. Soon, he opened them again and this time, clearer.Of course, the figure was Ivan.Ivan furrowed his brows tight and looked around."Where the fuck am I? What happened to me?"He was in a luxurious room that looked like a room in a five star hotel. The room was clean and was painted white, it was very quiet and apart from Ivan's slight breathing sound, there was also a beep sound from the machine beside him. His eyes widened in realisation, he was in a hospital but the room looked different from the ro
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Chapter 7: Not Signing
Ivan's heart sank and he even felt as if his heart was pierced with glass shards, it hurts terribly that his face turned ashen and he stiffened. He raised his bloodshot eyes to look at Lucy, Lucy was stunned by the look on his face and she shifted uncomfortably on her seat but still maintained that uncaring expression. She felt that there was no need for her to be guilty, he should blame it all on his uselessness. She was about to talk when the man beside her stopped her."Good afternoon Mr Ivan, my name is Ben and I am Miss Lucy's lawyer, she complained that you've not been taking care of her and you are also an irresponsible Father to your child that he died. She said that you are unable to care for her and that she does not want the marriage any more. Those are the divorce papers as you've read. So, please sign them to avoid unnecessary trouble." Ben finished his speech and looked at Ivan for his response. Ivan was dumbfounded at what Ben said.Miss Lucy? He had even started to
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Chapter 8: Pretentious
Ivan was surprised at what Lucy said, if what she said was true then it would mean that her company would start tp grow well from then onwards.You must know that for a big corporation could agree to invest in a small enterprise, it either meant that the small enterprise had limitless potential or it has many connections.In Lucy's case, it was both possibilities.Actually, Ivan was happy for her, but when he remembered how she got her connections, he froze.Lucy thought that he was feeling bad about himself, her pride rose and his expression stroked her ego. Lana could already guess what was going on, but she sighed.The truth was that she really liked Ivan, he was a caring husband and also very polite but he was useless and there was nothing Lana could do to help someone like him."Lucy, did you get your connection by sleeping around?" Ivan suddenly asked with a tremble to his voice and Lucy's face changed drastically before flaring up."Ivan, how dare you? Do you want to ruin my im
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Chapter 9: Defeat
"Did you think that we just freezed Lucy's account just for nothing? We knew how despicable you could be so we feeezed her account so that you won't live off her. But we still underestimated you, even after freezing her account, she was still the one feeding the family with her small enterprise company, are you not ashamed? Ivan, are you even a man?" Mrs Anderson questioned, her pitch getting higher and louder until it became a shriek."Ivan, I had wanted to accept the relationship with my daughter after she gave birth to your child, but when I also heard that the boy had died due to your carelessness, I was utterly disappointed. You are not worthy of my daughter from the beginning and you are even worse now, you are not even worthy of carrying her bathroom slippers." Mr Anderson also said, he was calm and collected but the rage in his eyes showed how much anger he was feeling right then.Ivan could not talk, it was not like he does not have anything to say but that he could not open
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Chapter 10: Another Man
The divorce issue was finally settled, Mr and Mrs Anderson could not help but beam."Now, our daughter will be able to get a good man to marry." Ivan, who was already on his way upstairs nearly stumbled when he heard what Mrs Anderson said. He could not help but wondered if they knew that Lucy had cheated on him.But so?Even if they knew, Ivan was sure that they would dismiss it and he would also be blamed for it. Helpless, he could only keep quiet. Now, he was not staying in Lucy's house as her husband anymore, but as a servant because he had to work for staying here. He had been reduced to such a state.That was not right, he was never something from day one....In the evening, Ivan left his room and went downstairs. He has been on his bed, trying to sleep and forget everything that happened but he could not. He must have woken up six times. It was a futile tussle of conflicting and complicated thoughts.He had wished to sleep it all off and wake up to the refreshing sunlight bu
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