The lost Heir Of The Hawthorne Consortium

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The lost Heir Of The Hawthorne Consortium

By: Divi Chris OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Managing a dorm with three other guys on campus, he was poor, an orphan, mocked and bullied, and worse of all, his girlfriend left him to date a rich guy. But during his lowest point, he discovered his real identity. He is Ferdinand Hawthorne, the sole heir to the Hawthorne Consortium.

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    Very amazing and likeable characters. 5 stars!!

    2024-05-13 15:31:07
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43 chapters
You are too broke for me
“So, this is how you should present a gift to any girl, to make her love for you multiply in the blink of an eye.” Tom said, grabbing the box which contained a brand new necklace from Ferdinand. Ferdinand couldn’t help but shake his head as he was aware that Tom was about to share another one of his dumb ideas. What could he do? Tom had been his best friend since the first year of the university. Among his three dorm roommates, Josh, Frank and Tom himself, Ferdinand always felt more comfortable around Tom, despite his so called creative ideas. Ferdinand folded his arms as he watched Tom display his romantic drama. Tom went down on one knee, he opened the box which contained the necklace and looked up to the sky, posing as if he was looking at a girl’s face, then he spoke, “roses are red, violets are blue, my love accept this gift, from my heart to you… and that is how you present a gift to your girlfriend on her birthday.” Tom his head held high in the sky.However, despite the ro
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Wisdom Is Peace
Sarah stood in Damien’s arms as the crowd was giving them congratulations, however, Sarah’s mood instantly changed when her eyes fell on Ferdinand, who was approaching them furiously.‘Oh god, what is he doing here? What does he want at this very point in time?’ Sarah asked herself. At this moment, she wished she could just disappear with Damien, because Ferdinand was about to ruin the moment.When Ferdinand got close enough, he caught the attention of everyone. They could see that he was hurt, but also furious. “Sarah,” Ferdinand called softly, tears rolling down his eyes.“Ferdinand,” Sarah called back, trying to keep a straight face. “Is this some sort of a prank?” Ferdinand asked hoping Sarah would say yes.“And what exactly are you referring to?” Sarah asked, trying her best not to give in to her fears, her heart beating in her chest rapidly.“Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I am referring to, Sarah. What happened to the promise we promised each other?” Ferdinand asked.“W
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Locked up
Ferdinand returned to the dorm and everywhere was silent since it was dark outside. When he opened the door to his dorm room, he saw his three roommates, Tom, Frank and Josh, watching a viral video on Frank’s phone. When they noticed Ferdinand, they started shouting and hailing at him like he was a hero.“Bro, you totally messed up that Damien of a guy today. His ego was totally shattered.” Frank commented.However, Ferdinand could barely smile. His friends quickly realized that now was not the right time for jokes. “I am sorry for what happened.” Josh said with concern.“Where have you been, are you okay?” Tom asked.“Yeah, am fine.” Ferdinand replied as he fell on his bed. His friends decided to let him be.Ferdinand was glad that he had such understanding roommates. though he was financially down, his friends had never for once treated him like trash. They had always been ready to extend a helping hand. Due to exhaustion, Ferdinand quickly fell asleep and before he knew, it was mo
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Mysterious stranger
Ferdinand had been sitting in front of the police station for a while, when all of a sudden, a vehicle which he had had only seen on TV, parked in front of the police station. It was none other than a Rolls Royce. Ferdinand’s mouth dropped open. This was not a sight one could see every day. The car looked even better than it did on TV. The door of the vehicle opened and the driver stepped out. He opened the back door of the vehicle, and the first thing Ferdinand could see was a shoe stepping out. Just the shoe itself could make anyone know that who so ever was in that vehicle was very wealthy. A man stepped out of the vehicle, he wore a suit which Ferdinand could tell was very expensive. Even though he was poor, he knew expensive things when he saw them. The whole body of the man was screaming wealth.The man gently made his way towards the police station, his driver closely following behind him. Ferdinand noticed that the man was getting closer and decided to look away. He knew th
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Returned Rich
Ferdinand couldn’t believe what his ears were hearing. He never really knew his grandpa’s net worth, but he was sure that it was not something to joke with. All of a sudden, his grandpa had mention to him that it was the time for him to take over his entire consortium. Was he ready? ( A consortium is a group of companies, under the ownership of a single entity. )Grandpa showed Ferdinand the list of all the companies under the Hawthorne consortium and he was washed off his feet with how long the list was. All the companies on the list were giant companies which were very popular all over the world. From vehicle manufacturing companies to phones, clothes and shoes, social media platforms, to giant restaurants. Grandpa mentioned that he owned above eighty five percent of shares in all of those companies. And now Ferdinand would be the new owner of those companies and run them as he pleased. Since Berkeley was a top university, grandpa decided that Ferdinand was to keep attending th
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The Problem Of Casual outfits
Damien's car screeched to a halt in front of the police station. He slammed the door shut and stormed inside, his face red with anger."What the hell is wrong with you people?!" he shouted at the officers behind the front desk. "You let that bastard Ferdinand go after he beat the crap out of me!"The officers looked up at Damien, their expressions calm and professional. "Sir, we can't discuss ongoing investigations with members of the public," one of them said."I don't give a damn about your investigations!" Damien yelled. "I want justice! That guy needs to be locked up!""Sir, please calm down," another officer said. "We understand that you're upset, but we can't have you causing a disturbance in the station."Damien glared at the officers, his fists clenched at his sides. "Fine," he spat. "I'll take matters into my own hands."He turned on his heel and stormed out of the station, his expensive shoes clicking on the floor. As he got back into his car, he fumed with rage. He couldn't
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The Mistake of The Vengeful Trio
Today, Ferdinand had decided that it was time to resume classes as his grades were already dropping. He got dressed and headed to class , trying to ignore the stares and whispers he received from other students on campus. As he walked into the classroom, the whispers grew louder, and Ferdinand could feel his face turning red with embarrassment.He took his seat and tried to focus on the lesson, but he couldn't concentrate with all the noise around him. He could hear his classmates snickering and whispering behind his back, and he felt like he was the subject of some cruel joke.During the lunch break, Ferdinand went to the cafeteria to get his food. As he was walking back to his table, he felt a sudden jolt and his food went flying out of his hands. He looked up to see one of Demain's goonies smirking at him."Oops, my bad," the goonie said, before walking away with a laugh.Ferdinand was covered in food, and he could feel the eyes of his classmates on him. He looked over to where De
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Bidding War Against The Rich
The principal's voice came through the classroom speakers and caught Ferdinand's attention as he sat at his desk. "Good afternoon, students. I'm excited to tell you about our annual charity event coming up next week," the principal's voice filled the room. "This event is a tradition at our university, where students and teachers come together every year to support a great cause. See you there."The charity event happened every year, and it featured items that were put up for auction. People placed bids on these items, and the highest bidder got to buy them. It was a big deal, especially for the rich students who liked to show off their money by bidding high prices to impress others. At the same time, the university used the event to raise money for people in need in the community.Ferdinand had never been to the charity event before because he didn't think it was worth it, he couldn't afford to bid on anything which he couldn't buy. But this time, he was thinking differently because
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Beating Damien in his own game
" Don't worry Tom, I promise you will get a necklace." Ferdinand said, leaving Tom puzzled." How? I can't beat Damien in a bidding war, I don't have that much money." Tom complained." Just trust me, when the next necklace is being offered, place your bidding after the first three people." Ferdinand instructed." Uhh.. okay, but what do you have in mind?" Tom asked, feeling puzzled." Just watch," Ferdinand simply replied with a smirk.The next item to be displayed was a painting of a woman coming out of the well, naked, with the description, ' The Naked Truth' Written on it."$2000,000," Damien confidently called out his price." $4000,000," Ferdinand doubled Damien's price without hesitation." What are you doing Ferdinand?" Tom asked, feeling concerned."Just trust me," Ferdinand replied.Damien looked surprised when Ferdinand doubled up his price. 'Oh the game is on,'he thought to himself." Fifty million dollars," Damien comfortably called out, then he looked at Ferdinand and
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Trouble With Fancy Restaurants
"Nah… I think I'll pass on that one, but you guys can go ahead to the party and have some fun." Ferdinand replied.As Ferdinand's friends left for the party, he decided that he would go try something this evening that he had always wanted to do, but was short on cash.He had always wanted to treat himself to a meal at one of the most prestigious restaurants in town. As he walked through the ornate doors, the opulent decor and the buzz of chatter from well-dressed patrons made him feel delighted.Making his way to his table, Ferdinand couldn't help but notice a group of young people at a nearby table, all dressed in designer clothes and exuding an air of sophistication. Among them was a striking young woman, her long blonde hair cascading down her shoulders, and her flawless makeup highlighting her sharp features. She was surrounded by friends, laughing and chatting animatedly.Like everyone else, her beauty caught Ferdinand's eyes, but he reminded himself that the last beautiful girl
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