Incredible Michael Ventura

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Incredible Michael Ventura

By: Doudou Falie CompletedUrban/Realistic

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Samantha stood before Michael, her tear-filled eyes pleading for his forgiveness desperately. "Michael, please, I beg you to forgive me," she cried out, her voice trembling. However, instead of the warm embrace or reassurance, Michael's face twisted with anger and malice, his voice dripping with venom. "No, Samantha," he retorted sharply. "The time for apologies is long gone. Now, it's time for revenge. You will pay for what you did." *** Michael Ventura, mistreated, insulted, and despised by all, now possesses special abilities and intends to use them effectively. He will stop at nothing to bring everyone who looked down on him to their knees before him and exact revenge upon them.

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  • Beautiful Nana


    I love the story, and enjoying reading so far! I hope Samantha and Ryan crumble!! Well-done Author ...️

    2024-01-12 19:50:17
  • Carl


    nice story thanks

    2023-08-25 09:52:35
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184 chapters
Betrayal in the air.
Michael's heart sank as he trudged into the conference room. He could feel the tension in the air as soon as he entered. John Smith, his boss, sat at the head of the table with a stern expression on his face. Michael took a seat, feeling a knot form in his stomach. "Michael, we've received reports that you've been misusing company resources," John said, his voice cold and unfeeling. "What? That's not true!" Michael protested. "We have evidence, Michael, that you've been using company time and equipment for your own personal projects," John said, his voice rising. Michael's mind raced as he tried to figure out where this was coming from. He had always been a hardworking employee, going above and beyond what was asked of him. "You've cost this company a lot of money, Michael," John said, his voice dripping with anger. "We've calculated it all, and it's a huge loss. You're going to have to pay it all back." John grabbed a stack of papers and threw them in Michael's direction. The in
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Chapter 2Michael took a step forward, his fists clenched. "You don't get to talk to me like that, Samantha. This is a big deal, and you don't even care."Ryan stood up, his eyes flashing. "Listen to her, loser. You're nothing but a worthless cog in the machine. You should thank me for helping you get demoted and put you in your place..."Michael, seething with anger, shot back, "I've had enough of your bullshit, Ryan! You've always been an arrogant prick, but I never thought you would stoop this low. Did you have something to do with my demotion?"Ryan and Samantha burst into laughter, mocking Michael. "You're so naive that it is hilarious!" the spoilt brat exclaimed.Michael's face turned red with fury. He clenched his jaw and took a step closer to Ryan. "You're not telling me everything, Ryan. What did you do?"Ryan smirked, thoroughly enjoying Michael's torment. "Oh, Michael... You have no idea what's been going on behind your back. Samantha and I orchestrated your downfall. We ma
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Chapter 3: fired"Look! That guy is waking up," a gruff voice woke him up.Michael opened his eyes to see two unfamiliar faces looming over him. They looked homeless and destitute. He realized he had been lying on the concrete in a dark alley, just beneath a large dumpster. Immediately, a wave of nausea hit him and his pounded like a hammer.As he sat up, the men backed away, leaving Michael confused and disoriented. Nausea hit him like a wave, and he wondered," what had happened?"He took a deep breath and tried to sit up, his hand instinctively went to his neck, where the necklace his family had passed down to him was supposed to be. He had a nightmare that it has somehow slipped into his body and disappeared.He searched the garbage pile, hoping to find it, but it wasn't there. Michael's heart sank as he realized that his last link to his family was now lost.As he stood up, he realized that he didn't feel any pain, though he knew he had taken a severe beating. He must have passe
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Michael was trembling with anger and frustration. "I can't believe this is happening," he muttered to himself."One more thing," John said with a smirk. "If you try to speak out against this decision or take any legal action, I'll sue you for slander." After threatening him he left the room . As Michael was being led out, Samantha and Ryan followed closely behind, wearing sneaky smiles. Samantha whispered slyly, "You know, Michael, this whole situation wasn't just a coincidence." Ryan nodded, an arrogant glint in his eyes. "That's right, buddy. We set you up." Michael's eyes widened in disbelief. "What do you mean, 'set me up'? What did you do?" Samantha giggled mockingly. "Remember when you misplaced your security card last week? Well, it wasn't misplaced at all. I took it." Ryan chimed in, a malicious twist to his words. "And guess what? I used that card to sneak into the storage room and steal some valuable items. Oh, the look on your face when you were accused of being a thi
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New abilities.
" Ooh My God!""Look at his face!" The crowd laughed, and Michael tried to understand what happened. Confusion overwhelmed him, as everyone looked at Ryan on the ground, in agony.Thoughts raced through Michael's mind, and a chilling realization seeped into his consciousness. "Did I make him trip just by wishing it? No, that's ludicrous. Nobody can possess that kind of power. " He thought.But deep down, a small voice whispered, reminding him of the warm surge he felt in his chest when he wished for Ryan's downfall.Yet, with the chaos unfolding before his eyes, Michael couldn't afford to dwell on his newfound abilities. The drama surged back, drawing his attention back to Ryan, who struggled to regain his composure. Michael feeling avenged couldn't help himself and let out a quiet chuckle. But as Ryan laid there in a heap on the floor, the people around him began to giggle, mock, and point him."Guess karma isn't too fond of bullies, is it?" Michael said, his voice laced with a hi
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Mysterious old man.
Chapter 6As Michael closed in on the old man, the commotion around him grew louder. Concerned onlookers began to gather, their faces etched with worry."Oh my God, someone's hurt!" Someone shouted."Someone needs to call an ambulance!" another voice yelled, desperately seeking assistance."Hurry, we need medical help!" someone else cried out their urgency resonating through the air.People started to panic, their voices mixing with the sound of sirens in the distance."They already did!" Two men shouted back, panic in their voice.The urgency in Michael's stride matched the urgency in the voices around him.Feeling the weight of the situation, Michael's instincts kicked in. He knelt down beside the old man, his heart pounding in his chest."Sir, can you hear me?" Michael asked, gently placing his hand on the man's body.The old man's eyelids fluttered, and he weakly turned his head towards Michael, struggling to form words."I... can't... breathe," he managed to gasp out."Sir, stay
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perverse ideas.
Chapter 7:Meanwhile, Michael's younger sister, Emily, decided to pay him a surprise visit at his workplace. She walked into the office, looking around for her brother. Finally, she spotted a familiar face behind the reception desk."Excuse me," Emily approached the receptionist. "Is Michael here? I'd like to see him."The receptionist, Megan, hesitated for a moment before forcing a sympathetic smile. "I'm sorry, but I have some unfortunate news. Michael is no longer with the company. He was actually let go a few hours ago for theft."Emily's heart sunk, shock and concern evident on her face. "What? I had no idea. Are you sure? Is there any way I can reach him?"Megan nodded compassionately. "I'm afraid so , he stole confidential documents and the gold bond of the son of the CEO of the company. I'm really sorry to be the one to tell you. I'm not sure about his exact whereabouts, but you could try reaching him on his cell phone."Feeling a mix of disappointment and worry, Emily thanked
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Indecent Proposals
Chapter 8:After Ryan hung up , John turned back to Emily. "The boss will see you in his office. It seems he was intrigued by your determination." He said with a playful smile . Emily asked nervously," what is he like? Will he help my brother?"" You'll find out soon enough. Just follow me." John said leading her .The men escorted Emily to Ryan's office, their lecherous laughter echoing down the hallway, their hands already reaching out to touch her. But she quickly stepped back, giving them a defiant stare. "Don't even think about it," she warned.The guards chuckled amongst themselves, teasingly calling her a tigress before walking away. She let out a sigh of relief and composed herself before approaching Ryan's office.Taking a moment to steady herself, she raised her hand and knocked on the heavy wooden door.Ryan, who had been expecting her, calmly adjusted himself in his chair, preparing for her entrance. "Come in," he commanded coolly, his voice filled with authority.Turning
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Chapter 9:Michael rushed to his former company, Goldrex Corporation. He hailed a taxi, but unfortunately, there was a terrible traffic jam that delayed his arrival. After a long 30-minute journey, he finally reached the gates of "Goldrex Corporation."Anxious and worried, Michael hastily entered the building in search of his sister, Emily. She had mentioned earlier that she would be leaving the company. As he looked around, he couldn't find her anywhere. Frustrated, he took out his phone from his pocket and dialed her number, hoping for some reassurance.But to his dismay, Emily did not answer the call. Michael's fear intensified, and he began to panic. Unsure of what to do next, he walked towards the reception desk where Megan, the receptionist, was stationed. Megan was known to be at least nice and polite to Michael, even during his time of employment.At the reception desk, Michael asked Megan, the receptionist, "Have you seen my sister? She said she was here."Megan looked up fro
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What the hell is going on?
Chapter 10:Michael could feel the anger boiling inside him as he watched Ryan step closer to his sister. He needed a plan, and fast. "Ryan, what the hell are you doing? Leave my sister alone!" Michael yelled, his voice sounding shaky as he tried to control his anger.Ryan turned his head towards Michael, his sickly smile becoming even wider. "Oh, the big brother is going to try and stop me now, huh? Not even your courage will be able to save your sister from me," Ryan taunted. Emily was now in full panic as Ryan began to undo her blouse."No! Leave her alone! You sick bastard!" Michael roared, clearly unable to hold back his anger any longer. He took one step closer to Ryan, his fists clenched at his sides.Ryan's expression turned to one of amusement, his hand now resting on Emily's exposed shoulder. "I'll tell you what, Michael, we'll make this a little more interesting. If you can stop me from undressing her before the guards aim you, I'll let you both go free."Michael hesitated
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