21. The Great War (Part I)

He suddenly woke up with a start. He was sweaty all over. He realized that it was just a dream but this same dream had reminded him of his vow. His promise that he would not see death until he had killed Chief Mbada.


The anticipated day had come. At Brahmuhn’s side were Cheetah, Tortoise and Shumba and behind them were a thousand Chaponda soldiers clutching their spears and daggers wearing faces of courage and fearlessness. They were all standing on a small mountain and below them, across a small shallow river was the Ndebele army. In number, they were three times that of the Chaponda army.

Brahmuhn turned to his soldiers. ‘Men! The time has come to test the limits of our power! The time has come for us to victor over our triumph and triumph over the victory!’

The men roared loud in great courageousness.

‘The time has come to end it all! After today, not a single Ndebele fool shall corrupt our ears with their funny clicks
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