The World's Most Shameless Master

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The World's Most Shameless Master

By: lumydee OngoingSystem

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800 Thousand years ago, strange showers descended upon the many planets and solar systems. The changes were so great that both couldn't, and an old began changing, having strange and rare characteristics never seen before. It was just them, as humans the first group of humans awakened special innate abilities. But when the world was still straying to understand its predicament, forces from afar attacked the planet, wanting to conquer the world. The entire world shook with fear at the feet of these strong and mighty invaders. And when all hope seemed lost, a man named Krept gathered a fierce group of 10 called the Hands. Their emergence spelled good for humanity, and their strength was immeasurable. With a single blow, they could destroy a giant enemy warship to dust. They fight bravely, finally getting humanity its first victory. Yes! They succeeded in driving the invaders away. But this wasn't the end. To prepare for future incidents, they formed humanity's first Alliance, working hard to head into space and conquer inhabited planets. Forward to the present day, humanity has conquered 118 planets. Humanity also had alliances with other lifeforms, as well as enmity. Fighting to stay alive and survive, humanity continues to fight off invading outsiders. Ji Feng stared at the ceiling, absorbing all the strange memories in his head. Alright. 'All this was good and all, but what does it have to do with me? Why did this rich daddy transmigrate when I was already a winner in my past life? Can I go back?' ~Ding!! [Congratulations host. You've unlocked the Supreme Master Teaching system!] '...'

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Author-san here! (^0^) Sorry guys. I had to change the story line becasue of a few matters. Once a gain, i appolize to you all. But don't worry. Your author-san is here to the rescue! And that why I decided to continue with a different novel, one of my many masterpieces. So make sure you stick around I know you all will like it! ... Feel Free to click on the next Chapter.... and head on to the next chapter. *************************** . Author-san here! (^0^) Sorry guys. I had to change the story line becasue of a few matters. Once a gain, i appolize to you all. But don't worry. Your author-san is here to the rescue! And that why I decided to continue with a different novel, one of my many masterpieces. So make sure you stick around I know you all will like it! ... Feel Free to click on the next Chapter.... and head on to the next chapter. ...... Author-san here! (^0^) Sorry guys. I had to change the story line becasue of a few matters. Once a gain, i a
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Chapter 1: New World!
Along the rowdy streets, a young man moved amidst the crowd, slowly making his way towards the only Teacher Training academy in the city. ''Hmm… I hope this examination thingy won't take too long. I have to go back to the library to read more.' That's right; the young man was thinking about doing the one thing he loved most – Reading! His annoyance with this sudden exam was evident. And if anyone from the academy heard him, they would've undoubtedly felt like beating him up to a pulp. Do you know how important this exam he had just downplayed was? Across all planets covered by the human alliance, this annual exam was a widespread feat occurring simultaneously. This was the big annual exam that allowed individuals to graduate and start their journey as Supreme Master Teachers and protectors of the Alliance. Most people were worried that they might even fail the examination. But here he was getting annoyed that the examination took his time instead. So did not such a person des
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Chapter 2: Alive... And Kicking?
Time to shock the world with his awesomeness! Ji Feng walked into the massive Hall as proud as a peacock, taking a seat at the front of the hall. Since he has decided on his path as a great teacher, that's exactly what he would become. And he would do a bloody damn good job at it too. '...' Blink. Blink. Some of the people's eyes bulged out exaggeratedly when they saw him. F***! What is this impoverished rat doing here? Many had question marks on their faces, wondering how the devil the rat was still able to make it today. "Brother Wei, didn't you guarantee that the rat wouldn't be able to wake up again?" "Yeah. If you know you couldn't do it, why fool us with your sultry words?" "Wei Fru! Be honest! You pitied the rat and chickened out at the last minute, didn't you?" "You!~" The one named Wei Fru had a constipated look, swelling and boiling in anger from everyone's accusations. But he couldn't say a thing since he too was shocked to see Ji Feng well and kicking. The ot
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Chapter 3: And So It Began
Seeing that their plans had failed, many people’s expressions were solemn. Apart from getting the rewards from the academy, taking the number 1 spot in the examinations would also boost their positions in their clans. Which will, in turn, make the prestige of their clans resound out more. They could accept any of them succeeding in securing the top spot. But if they lost to a poor bastard, then wasn't that saying that none of them from these prestigious clans were better than the paupers out there? It was undoubtedly a big slap to their faces! Better one of them than Ji Feng. At least those were their thoughts. But now, it seems this pauper’s life was too strong to kill off. Wei Fru narrowed his gaze at Ji Feng like a beast in the wild. 'Ji Feng. Don't think that you’ll be free from my reach after this. So what if you managed to survive? I don't believe that after all the secret training I received, I won't be able to beat you in the end!’ Boosting his confidence, Wei Fru felt
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A Scheming Boy
In a blink of an eye, all 24 invigilators stormed into the scene majestically. Some flew in, seated on clouds, while others walked alongside their tamed beasts. "Wow! So fierce!""That's the famous Miss Rein, a 3-star Teacher from the Yan Clan in the Tri-Der region! I know it's her because she visited my Clan last year!""F***! Look over there! Isn't that Teacher Beyma from Golden Wood Region?”“WHAT?! True or false? Could it be that Teacher Beyma?”Many blurted out in surprise, seeing a few famous teachers amongst the bunch.You have to know that they were in Planet 118, the last and weakest in the Alliance. And even on the planet, the city and region they were located in were still the weakest of them all because of the qi distribution in the land. The qi here was so sparse, limiting their growth. What they considered as strong here was nothing in other bigger territories. These wealthy sons and daughters could make noise in this region without a care. But if they stepped out i
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Too Strong!
With deep sneers of disgust, many invigilators believed Ji Feng to be a scheming boy. And as though he was invisible, they didn't bother giving him another look. But did Ji Feng care? Not a chance! He didn't even know what was going on around him, talk less of caring. With a broad and overly excited grin on his face, Ji Feng wrote at the speed of light, flicking his wrist across the many sheets of paper. But what was this? Why did it seem like he was speeding up the more questions he answered?Flip. Flip. Flip!No matter whether many were curious or disgusted by his 'flashy' show, it was undeniable that the boy's actions had caused many to turn heads at him. Eh?The old bearded man was taken aback. 'Wasn't it just a minute and a half ago that he had flipped the last page? Don't tell me the boy has written it all in under a minute and a half!!'What sort of godly writing speed was this?At this point, he felt more inclined to believe the Ji boy was writing rubbish. The bearded
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Crazy From Failure?
Stepping into the massive Pavilion, Ji Feng felt an explosion go off in his mind. Even though he had inherited the memory of his predecessor and knew what to expect, seeing the real thing was a different matter on its own. 'So big.' He murdered in a blissful daze. Towering ceilings warped with space formations, books of all sorts on strange and peculiar-looking shelves, hallways of books that winded in various directions, and a strange stairway shrouded with cloudy steps leading to the next floor up.'What a magnificent library. It was even harder to believe that this pavilion was considered a small one in all the many planets within the alliance... Impressive.'Already, Ji Feng liked this world very much. Where to begin? Ji Feng frowned, massaging his chin thoughtfully. 'Although I have access to the upper floors, it's best to cement my foundation first.'This was his final examination, meaning this was his last year in this academy. In other words, he wasn't a newbie who could
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Enter: Elder Tatum
Today, the Pavilion was filled with countless students. On the first floor, many were dumbfounded, staring at the strange scene before them. "Let me go, this... Isn't this too smart?""Worthy of the famous bookworm. To read at such a speed is definitely a talent.""I wipe! This is supposed to be a joke, right? How can anyone read this fast?""Pretending. The arrogant bastard has clearly lost his mind!"...Many whispered, gesturing towards the now-crazed youngster whom many recognized. The 16-year-old Senior Ji Feng!They watched him move from shelf to shelf, column to column, until he finally took off after glancing at his watch. '...'Blink. Blink. Elder Tatum looked to the sky, wondering whether to advise the youngster or not. Failing the examination isn't the end of the world.He wasn't a nosy person, but seeing such a talent fall into such a crazed state was indeed troubling. "Student Ji.""Ah-" Ji Feng was taken aback by the sudden appearance of the bald, elderly man in d
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Second Examination Begins!
'What a nice Elder.'Moving along the paths he recalled, Ji Feng arrived at the 2nd examination site while still immersed in the many compliments Elder Tatum had thrown on him. Hahahhaha~As expected. No matter where he went, he would always be loved by all.(^_^)Ji Feng's arrival caught the eye of many."The pauper is here." Someone whispered.And be it Wei Fru, Nym Bai, or Shu Kang, they all gave him a cold eye. They hadn't forgotten the invigilators' shocked expressions after viewing his paper. They didn't need to see it for themselves to know Ji Feng must've done exceptionally well. They also had a hunch he would far surpass them in the written exam too. But why?Their trio clenched their fists unwillingly.How are they who had the privilege and opportunities to gather deeper information thanks to their clans were once again surpassed by a poor rat with nothing?'Can it be we are to always bow our heads to him?'They lowered their faces to mask their expressions. And their he
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