My Harem Army
My Harem Army
Author: SSThea
Ch 1 - Drowned On Mars (Edited)

"The earth is death, as I locked myself in my dreams."

"Rebirth on Mars."

"Butterflies! Swarm Them!"



I stood on the bank of the river beside the edge to chill my mind in the middle of the night. I was thinking about something, and I looked at the time on my phone.

"Oh, the time now is 3:00 a.m., September 11, 2025," I said.

All of a sudden, I felt a hand push me forward.

I fell into the river as I tried to get out of the dire situation.

"Someone, please! Please help me!" I shouted, "I don't know how to swim." My mouth was wide open, and I took one last breath before my whole body submerged deeply into the deepest trouble of death.

Then I kept on shouting. "Help! Help! Help!" For someone to hear my distressed voice until I drowned further on the bottom floor of the river.

I gave up hope as I fell deep into the river floor, and the water entered my stomach through my mouth.

I sensed there was no current deep inside this river, and the water was very calm.

Then I saw a blurry vision of a woman who was indeed very beautiful and alluring.

She grabbed my hands and hugged me tightly.

I sensed her heartbeat through my chest.

She gave me the breath of life through her mouth.

I sensed her love, her very own emotion, through our contact.

Our mouths locked together for a brief moment, and I felt her life force channel into my body.

Once we reached the surface of the river, she pulled me out and dragged me to the safe area.

I heard her whisper in my left ear.

"I love you, Shakirin! Please survive! Here is your gift!" She shouted as she put her finger on top of my forehead.

"This is your birthright gift!" She declared, and I tried to look at her entire being properly.

I noticed she was pretty even though only the moonlight shone through the tall trees towards us, and she suddenly disappeared from my sight in the form of a digital being that was disintegrating before my very own eyes.

"Where is she?" I asked because I wanted to know who was saving me from drowning.

After a brief moment, I inhaled a long breath and looked around, looking for her.



After several hours had passed, my clothes had already dried.

"Hot weather tonight! My clothes are fucking dry now!" I cursed because I sweated so much that it made me uncomfortable.

I looked around the place and realized this was not the same place as before I drowned.

"Why is it so dark around me? Is this happening?" I asked because I felt something weird happening to me.

The moonlight embraced me in the cold night.

"I need to survive this situation! Father! Mother! Help!" I yelled to both my father and mother, who were always there for me.

"I'm all alone right now, and it's cold all of a sudden. What the hell happened to the sudden temperature change?" I tried to grab my phone from my pocket, but it was nowhere to be found.

"Fuck!! I lost my phone! Again!" I screamed, and then I walked to the path where the moonlight shone and kept on walking on that path.

'Why is the moonlight shining upon the obvious path?' I asked inside my heart as my body felt so weak.

'Where is this place?'

'Where am I?' These are the questions that I thought about over and over.

I saw someone at the end of the moonlit path. But it did look like a black robe.

"Is that a person or a thing?" I mumbled.

Suddenly, that black robe greeted me with great respect as it kneeled before me.

"Welcome back to me! My Lord!" It said.

"Who the hell are you?" I cannot see your face properly!" I was surprised and demanded the answer.

"It's me, your black robe, my Lord!" It was said with the feminine tone of her voice. She was a woman, and the way she spoke to me really melted my heart.

Then she stood up and bowed her head to me, showing her face with a smile.

"What do you mean? You had a feminine voice! Maybe you....?" I asked because she sounded like a woman.

"Yes, the gender is woman, but you should know, women are very supreme, my Lord." She replied and looked down, bowing her head.

"Let me see your face properly!" I asked her with a firm gesture.

Then she nodded as she brushed her long black hair to the side and her lips widened to the side as our eyes met.

"W-what! You had dazzling red eyes! red eyes!" I exclaimed as I was shocked by her beautiful pair of eyes.

"Yes, my lord!" She raised her head to me and nodded.

"You are so pretty!" I complimented her, as I was mesmerized by her beauty.

"Yeah, let me introduce myself. It's me, your black robe! I will obey your every command! Please, my Lord! Accept me as your first 'Confidere' again!" She demanded something out of the blue as she kneeled before me for the second time.

"What the hell was that? Yeah, I accept it! Stand up, okay?"

I accepted her as my 'Confidere' without a single bit of doubt this time.

*DING! *

System [First Confidere Accepted!]

"What's that sound?" I asked. "Huuuuh, I felt so tired...!" I exclaimed as the exhaustion consumed me.

"At your service, my lord! I will keep you warm and safe." She whispered.

I fainted to the ground as she embraced me with her black robe.

"What in the world is happening to me...?"

Then I closed my eyes.

"I love you, my lord. My name is..."

I could barely hear her voice as she whispered in my left ear.




After several hours, I woke up. I saw her face beside me as she hugged me.

"It's morning, my pretty black robe." As I complimented her, I asked her to wake up from her sleep.

She opened her eyes and yawned. "Yes, my Lord!" She exclaimed with excitement.

"This is not happening, right?" I asked.

"Huh? My Lord....?" She frowned and seemed baffled by my question.

I uncovered a black robe around me and kissed her on the forehead because I could no longer hold back from seeing such a beautiful face.

I noticed her skin was very smooth and flawless. I should never have complimented anyone out of the blue, but this happened automatically.

Her skin was light brown, and I noticed she had red lips that looked so good on her beautiful face.

"Can I kiss you on the cheek again?" I asked for her consent.

She nodded and smiled, then I proceeded to kiss her on the cheek.

Then she blushed as I saw her face turn red after being kissed by me.

"Blushing?" I asked to tease her for a moment.

"Mmm..." Then she remained silent as she turned her face away.

*THUD! *

I heard the sound of an object falling to the ground in our proximity.

*HISS! *

I heard another hissing sound inside the bush nearby.

"My Lord! Danger! Stay by my side!" She said this as her black robe immediately covered my body.

My hands hugged her waist for fear of falling.

'Tall and curvy! Wow...' I thought as I didn't want her to hear my compliment about her body.

Suddenly, a blade appeared in her left hand.

"What!! Materialized blade?" I was shocked.

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