My Harem Army

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My Harem Army

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Earth is invaded by interdimensional, for so long their existence is kept secret. Humanity lost the battle against interdimensional beings. The earth turns into great ruins. Their true purpose is still unknown. Their origin is unknown as they forced humans to implant the bio processor inside their brains. This, in turn, makes humans become superhuman beings with the help of the system inside the bio-processor. As an anti-hero, you will become the strongest beings to fight anyone against your will. Collect your 'Confidere' and 'Butterflies'. They will help your journey towards the power of living forever. Embark on your very own journey in the present world. Become the pinnacle of love, emotion and live forever.


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My Harem Army - Drowned on Mars
"The earth is death, as I locked myself in my dreams.""ReBirth on Mars.""Butterflies! Swarm Them!"----------------------------------------------I am standing beside the bank of the river to chill my mind in the middle of the night.I looked at the time on my phone."Oh, the time now is 3:00 am, September 11, 2025," I said.All of a sudden, I felt a hand push me forward.I fell into the river as I tried to get out of the dire situation."Someone, please... please help me..." I shouted, "I don't know how to swim. Then I kept shouting for someone to save me as I kept drowning further into the bottom floor of the river.I gave up hope as I fell deep into the river floor.There is no current in this river, and the water is very calm.Then I saw a blurry vision of a woman, very beautiful and alluring indeed.She grabbed my hands and hugged me tightly.I sensed her heartbeat through my chest.She gave me the breath of life through her mouth.I sensed her love, her very own emotion, thro
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My Harem Army - The Throne
"Careful, my lord! Our breakfast is coming to our side! There!" Then she jumped forward while pulling me with her black robe and stabbed something in the bush."Whhhyyyyy!! "Why the sudden jump?" I asked, and then she pulled something out of the bush."It's breakfasted, my lord! Teheheee..." She giggled."That's a snake! Not breakfasts! Batshit crazy girl?"*GROWL! *I heard that my stomach makes a growling sound."Let me roast it for you, my lord!" She said, as she took notice, that I was hungry.She cut the snake into several pieces and suddenly took out a cooking tool. I don't know where it came from."Is this a game world?" I asked.Then, without saying anything back, she materialized the fire in her right hand."See my fire! Still bright after so many years!" She said this as she lit a bonfire to roast the snake on top of the grill.*GROWL! *"Hungry... I want to go back home...!" I demanded because I don't know this place."Here! Milk tea! Drink up, my lord!" She gave me somethin
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My Harem Army - The Monster
"I am the lord of this place." I thought as I remained silent, thinking about what I should do next."My lord?" He frowned as he was waiting for my order."As briefed by my confidante, you are the only general in this territory! Am I right?" I asked."Yes, my lord! Reporting the incoming monster of Mars by tomorrow." He spoke with a serious voice, as the danger was upon us.I was shocked upon hearing the information."Monster of Mars!!? Fucking Mars? Am I on the planet Mars!? Not in the game world?" I stood up and grabbed his body armor, as I'm not convinced that he was on a different planet."My lord! As your wish!!" Then he took off his body armor and kneeled."So not everyone can use the system?" I understood from his gesture of taking off his armor that he was different from Bella."You are correct, my lord. Do you want me to cut Mino's head off?" As she materialized the blade in her left hand."No! I was just very surprised! Mino, you can go and prepare the soldiers!" I said it wi
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My Harem Army - The Danger
The monster walks on its four legs, and the front claw has the mobility of a human hand to ravage everything in its path."That's goblin? Why the fuck is it nothing I had imagined?""My lord! Danger!" Bella said as she pulled me towards her back with her black robe as I hugged her body from behind."Fuck! This is my first territory on Mars!""The west wall was breached, my lord! Please leave!!!" Mino shouted as loud as he could, asking me to leave to save my life.Then I saw the horde of monsters slaughter every soldier on the path they walked on."Mmm... I am still the failure, yeah." I sighed as I gave up on myself."Don't think like that, my lord! I know you!" As she escaped through the chaos with me on her back."If I want to live here, I must get used to this. I will become stronger!" I said."As you wish, my lord!"After some time, we reached a safe place.I watched from afar as my territory was destroyed completely by the monster.Upon realizing my territory had been destroyed b
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My Harem Army - The Ree Inn
After a few hours of rest, we walked again toward the direction of the signboard yesterday."Bella, should we go in the right direction?" I asked as I want to hear Bella's opinion this time."To the Paya Merah? Let's go, my lord!" She replied without any objection.Walking by her sides make me realize she is taller than me and her body are thick and feminine.---------------- ----------------From far away I noticed the fortresses surround by the lake with multiple bridges connected to the Paya Merah territory.I saw many people queue up to enter through the bridge.'Why are so many people here? Should I ask Bella to find another city?' Then I stopped moving forward."My lord let's enter this territory through that bridge, over there!" as she grabbed my arm and lead me to the bridge.I just followed her along without saying anything even though I have a second thought for a moment.As our turn at security clearance, one of the guards asked."Show me your IDs!"Then Bella materializ
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My Harem Army - The Mars Tree
"I'm still single, an indirect kiss is not a problem" I claimed.Once I am done cleaning up I took the towel from the horizontal bar inside the washroom.I dried myself and wrapped my lower body with the towel.Then I opened up a door and I saw Bella in front of the door with a red fluffy cloth and a short white skirt.Suddenly the black robe materialized from the system surrounding her body."My lord here, take this your cleaned black shirt and black jeans pants!" She exclaimed."How did you clean them? I never saw you did any laundry though," as I was baffled by how did she find time to clean them.Without saying anything back she got out of the room.Then I dropped my towel and proceeded to wear my black shirt and black jeans pants as I hate wearing a boxer in between my groin area."I feel clean and comfy." I thought. ----------------- -----------------"Breaking news!! Two security clearance guards have been found dead, their bodies were found under the Mars tree, the cause of
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My Harem Army - The Healing Kiss
Then she put my head on her lap and with her hands covered the gunshot wound in my stomach to stop the blood from gushing out of my body."Bella is okay, this is my fate, death always wins!" As I accepted my fate."My lord! I am stupid! I should be aware of my mana condition."Then I put my hand on her pretty face and say."Don't blame yourself!" I said firmly andI looked around and I saw they were dressed like a soldier from the earth."Are you guys from Earth?" I asked."Who told you to run?"Then he kicked me on the groins."My lord! I am sorry... I could not protect you." As tears stream down her face.Then the soldier pulled her by the hair and slapped her face multiple times."Everyone lies down on the ground!" Another soldier said."I don't understand! Why do you guys do this?" I asked because I could not comprehend what was happening around me."This happened because you murdered our people!" He said."I am not to blame!" I replied."If I have power I can save Bella and get
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My Harem Army - The Sword of Death
"My lord! Let's get out of this place!" Bella requested, then she make sudden jumps forward and I felt her medium-sized boobs hit on the side of my body while she carrying me as I locked my hand around her neck properly.Then I looked down at the market area there are so many dead bodies."I have to rely on you again...' As I whispered to her ears quietly."I am your black robe, my lord! I served only you!" As her black robe started covering my whole body.I looked back to find Humune, and I saw her materialize her amazing-looking sword, I noticed the green aura surrounding her sword.She held it with her right hand and slash every enemy chasing our way."Is that amazing looking sword, is the sword of death?" I asked.The sword is 3 meters long and very sturdy, and it can penetrate the building around her.I witness Humune destroy the surrounding buildings and kill anyone in her path including innocent bystanders."She is the sword of death huh? Batshit crazy! Why did I accept her? Fu
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R18 My Harem Army - The Mana
"Enough, my lord! You will know it in time! Please take it slowly. Please! Please! Please!" She begged me again to stop asking."Are you related to each other?" I asked because it is forbidden to have feelings for both of them if they are related.She pleaded with me to stop asking again and again."I agreed! Stop it, okay?" As I pinched her cheeks gently."Thank you, my lord!" She replied.Then I closed my eyes and felt comfortable in their presence."Harem huh! Is this the real world?" I thought.------------------------------------------------Several hours have passed."It's morning, my lord!"Suddenly, I felt a hand rubbing against my wall."Morning, my dear!!"Without saying a thing to either of them, I kept my eyes closed to sleep a little bit more.Then both of them pulled me up to the seating position and hugged me."Yeah, I'm awake! I awake!" I said it with my eyes wide open."Here's your breakfast!" As she pulled the milk tea from her system."What? Milk tea! You should giv
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My Harem Army - The Core Crystal
"The system senses a crystal core nearby! This way, my dear!" Then she grabbed my hand to move forward.------------------------------------After several hours have passed."Is this the correct direction, big sis?" Bella asked."Yes, it is the correct direction!" Humune replied with a confident tone in her voice."There, I can sense it," Humune claimed.Then Humune digs the ground under his feet with her bare hand. I saw a red wave coming through her hand."What is that?" I was baffled by the red wave coming through her hand."My dear, do you sense a red wave coming through my hand?" Humune asked."I think so.""My lord, you will be stronger in no time! You can command a red wave ether!" Bella said."How did I do it?""With the system's connection to us!" Bella replied."So now it's still not possible!" I exclaimed with a regretful tone in my voice."I think this is the core crystal that we are looking for." Then Humune pulled out a core crystal from the ground."Yay, big sis!" Bella
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