Ch. 46 - Zip Line
Known as the home of tarts, Lumina city has one of the best bakeries in the world. Giuseppe’s bakeries held the record for the tastiest tart. The owner started his own little shop before the city expanded to what it was today.

Later, when people poured in from all over, wanting to try the famous tart, they came back again and again, which helped with the progress of Lumina. Eventually, corporations built their headquarters in the city and the little bakery became lost in the vast sea of concrete.

Rena and Jin found shelter in Giuseppe’s for the night. A brilliant silver moon shone on the city. The shadows of the infected accompanied their growls as they roamed the streets.

Rena peaked through the curtain. Her voice came out almost like a whisper. “It’s the same as before. The dead walk around in great numbers.”

Jin, in a seated position, leaned back on the counter facing the entrance. “You said you have a plan?”

“Yes, if you noticed where we are, the building next to us faces the
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