Ch. 45 - Puchi

With Rena behind the wheel, they reached the city. It was a place Jin had never been before. Since he saw the skyscrapers from Zither village, he wanted the chance to visit it.

From the moment they entered, Jin’s mouth distorted in amazement. The tall buildings stretched as high as the eye could see. The massive city was nothing like his Colby town. which accommodated houses down a slightly descending area.

This massive city appeared as something extraordinary to Jin. Rena, though who grew up here, had a simple blank expression on her face. “Let’s keep going…”

She drove through the abandoned streets. Fire still burnt in some buildings. The crackling sound of it produced aroused an eerie sensation. Like a ghost city, it expanded before them. Jin kept his guard up the entire time since entering the city.

Rena kept a steady low speed while looking around at the state her once home had become. A sudden movement caught Jin’s attention. He hurriedly put his hand on Rena’s shoulder. “Wait! W
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