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By: Melodion OngoingFantasy

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"Death is not the end rather it's the beginning." Almiron Rakenji, a necromancer who lost he's mom at a young age, one day with he's life in grave danger he unlocks he's abilities and finds out that in their world they are other people like him. after he fully accepts the fact that he is a necromancer he has to protect himself and he's friends as he makes enemies with abilities who comes after him and the people he loves.

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  • Khira


    The Book has a nice potential. It seems like it would have a good plot if arranged in a better manner. So far, I've taken a liking to Zayn's character, I feel like there is more to his character than we are receiving. Keep up the good work Author, looking forward to your frequent updates ...

    2024-01-03 02:17:29
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The Awakening
Chapter One XXX New York city Its 7:30am in the morning inside the Rakenji mansion, Almiron still laying on the bed sleeping. He tossed from one side onto the other, trying to get the nightmares out of his head. “Mom,” he muttered in the dark enclosed space he stood. From behind him, a space appeared, lighted up and in the centre of it, was a familiar car. “You don’t get to fucking talk to me that way.” A familiar voice barked from within the car.Taking several steps forward, Almiron choked on his saliva upon seeing the people inside the car was none other than his mother, father and himself, except they were all younger versions. To say he was confused to see his deceased mother, was an understatement, but being the smart individual he was raised to be, Almorin immediately identified the situation playing out in front of him as a dream. But despite knowing this, it didnt stop him from banging his fist against the car’s window, attempting to gain his parents attentio
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A Ghost train
CHAPTER TWO “This is celine Milton signing out" the newscaster says as the scene changes."Hmmm." Mr Jacob's sighed with disappointment. Meanwhile almiron still disturbed by the fact that everything he thought was a dream was in fact real, he looks at his hands trembling in fear as one thought scrolled through his mind.'But how?.' His father looks at him with a raised brow."Almiron, is everything alright."Almiron's eyes widened in fear as his father's words reached him."I-i'm fine dad." He says while exiting the room.He walks into his room locking the door behind him, he heads straight to the bathroom, walking up to the mirror and looking at his reflection "It can't be. It just can't." He says to himself. "Hhmmm." After spending almost ten minutes staring at himself in the bathroom, asking himself questions that he cant answer, he splashes water on his face and decides to try and forget about it all.As he walks back into his room, he sits down on his bed and che
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Daxon Chambers
CHAPTER THREE“This isn’t fair, am sure I got it right” daxon talks to himself in pain while still standing in front of the bulletin board, ‘How?, he just got here so how are hes grades better than mine’“Hmmm" he said with a smirk on his face‘Theres only one way this could have happened’“Because they have it all they think they can inconvenience others who had worked so hard for this....” daxon said to himself with disgust on his faceBEEPHe gets a text message, then he reaches into his right pocket pulling out his phone. He finds out that the message was from his friend saying he was already waiting for him in the classroom as classes were about to start.He takes one more look at the board as he turns around and heads towards his classroomDaxon chambers was someone who never jokes with education, few years ago both his parents were killed and left him and his sister to fend for their self, life has been tough for the both of them as he was struggling financially, h
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Chapter fourRed maple leaves falls to the ground as almiron sits at his usual spot in the classroom near the window staring outside once again paying no attention to the class that’s going on.Worrying about what happened the previous day as after he saw james bradwich in his car, after classes he went to go see a holy priest and what happened after that was what was stuck in his mind. As he sits there he thinks about what happened as images of the past flash in his head, he remembers. Driving into the the church he packs the car and shuts of the engine, then exiting the car as he looks at the church building. ‘Its been a while I’ve been here.’ He says to himself while walking towards the entrance. He enters the church and meets the priest on the altar on his knees praying as he takes a seat and waits patiently until he is done. The priest looks at him putting a smile on his face while getting up and inviting him to his office.“Father.” He says while taking
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Another day
CHAPTER FIVEIt's been a week now since daxon younger sister died but his wounds are still fresh and the pain and hate still fills his heartMeanwhile Almiron still hadn't found out yet that he was amongst the few people in the world to have supernatural abilities he didn't know yet that he was a necromancer. He arrived at campus and parks his car as he grabs his bags.He gets out of his car and walks straight into the school building while using his phone.He's late for class, but it doesn't matter because the professor will never notice him anyways, as he is extremely old and has been teaching this class for over twenty years now, with very little interest in anything that goes on around him. Soon later almiron and zayn are done with their class as they walk into an eatery to get lunch. They get their meals and sest together.Unknowingly to them daxon had followed them to that restaurant and taken a seat far from them, watching them with anger and hate he attracts th
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Back To Life
Chapter sixThe next morning, despite feelling less refreshed than the previous days, almiron was up and ready around 8:00AM in the morning, stepping out of his room just as the alarm on his phone sounded off. Switching it off, he took a second to look towards his father’s study, taking note of how today of all days, the door remained closed.That however, did not stop him from taking a few cautious steps towards it. “Dad, I’m heading out.” He informed and waited a few seconds, hoping that his father would respond.However there was no response from him, almiron wasn’t surprised though because he’s father has done this for more than 6 years now, every year on the day his wife died he locks himself in his office and stays there for the rest of the day drowning himself with alcohol. Wasting no time he turns around and walks away and on his way out he picks up the beautiful bouquet of flowers his driver got for today, he leaves the house finally getting the fear of being driven by
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A good Eye
Chapter seven Psssssssch!!!Almiron opens up a can of cola as he sat alone at the eatery.He takes a sip and as he puts the can of soda down his eyes were glowing bright green again.He looks around the eatery and noticed that they were a lot of spirits there, that wasn't a new thing for him as he had gotten used to the fact that he could see the dead, at that very moment strange thoughts started to go through his head as he asks himself questions. 'Its not a good idea to talk to spirits, you never know which is good and which is bad."'What if a spirit possessed me and I don't know?''Are my memories really my own, could they be someone elses?'He started to get worried about what could possibly happen if he talks to a spirit, but at the same time, the desire to communicate with them grew more and more. His thoughts were interrupted as he heard someone coming up from behind him."You just couldn't wait."Almiron turned around and found out it was zayn "
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once again
Chapter eightAlmiron's powers had increased immensely throughout the course of the past few days. He had grown his hair long and silk. However the constant use of his powers also came with a price. It was slowly taking away his humanity.The more he used his powers the more he felt some part of him disappear.And this strange feeling was already getting to his head.Pride started to flood his mind as He would often find himself talking to himself in the mirror. His powers were making him a narcissist. He had even given himself the title of ‘ lord almiron'. He would spend hours every day, sitting and admiring his own body, often referring to himself as close to a god given that the power of life and death are in his hands.But the dark spirits he sees wanted more.They wanted him to be consumed by the power he possessed.They wanted him to lose touch of everything he ever cared for and it looked like they were succeeding.He no longer cared about what he did.H
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