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Alex, a poor medical student of rift valley university, was bullied by the rich boys in school. The night that he buried himself in sorrow and tears, thinking he was all alone, the night when he thought he was facing the harsh world alone, his father's best friend visited. He got the shocking revelation that he was the only heir of Xavier's family. And the richest kid among his bullies seems to be feeding from his inheritance. Extract *** your real name is Alexander Xavier. You are not a nobody but you are the grandson of Xavier stone . Your father is Peter Xavier, Xavier stone's only child and since he is dead, you are the only heir, so come with me to claim your multi-billion dollar inheritance.


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  • Sivaprakash


    What happened here no updates the book was good but no updates

    2023-06-09 15:18:29
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    Chapters please

    2023-06-06 00:43:11
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87 chapters
Chapter 01
A tall handsome young man rush into the medical class of Rift Valley university throwing his bag at someone panting.“David, am just coming “ he shouts rushing out “what Alex! you are just coming?”David asked catching the bag with a worried face.“yes” “but………..”David wanted to say something but stopped when the young man was no where in sight.he took a deep breath as the worry on his face grew intense.The young man's name is Alexander Peterson he is a medical student at Rift Valley university yet, he was poor more than a church rat.He rush into a room then rush out seconds later with a broom and dustpan then began sweeping. few years back ,he got a scholarship to study his choice course at Rift Valley university one of the most expensive universities in Rift Valley.He was happy at first as he will be studying his dream course which is medicine at the most expensive university but, few months in the university he began sweeping the school because his father who is a sweep i
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Chapter 02
“All this shit is because am not from a wealthy home neither am I rich “ he cries as tears and catarrh gush out” “life is so unfair “he wail as he cries How could he be so poor to the extent of being treated like trash?he was humiliated and mocked because he was the son of a sweep .ever since he could recall, he live a lonely life even in high school, the rich boys molested himand when he report, the school authorities punish him for reporting the rich kid! been beaten up by everyone over nothing.Even right now in college, he couldn't still live a happy life.He didn't do anything stupid to James because the school authorities won't support him rather he might lose his scholarship though he was graduating soon or even the job which was the only source of income at the moment He laughs like a lunatic “ how pathetic the poor lives are “he sighcry wasn't going to solve it.the only thing to do is take all the trash and live his miserable life like nothing happened.he wouldn
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Chapter 03
Every one quickly rush towards Abigail to get the invitation card as they didn't want to miss any drama as it was Alex's first time to attend a school party and considering the fact that James just had a fight with him earlier, and he was going to attend a party at James house, there is definitely going to be loads of drama and no one wants to miss.after giving out the invitation card to everyone, Abigail stared at the note of Alex which was with her then heaved a sigh now she had done what James had been begging her for she just hope he won't trouble him much at the party but.... f**k she is quite enjoying the drama between the rich guy and the wretched miserable fellow. David ran after Alex sensing he wasn't happy with him for making him accept that invitation to the party at the Darius mansion but what the heck, he didn't want to miss an opportunity of visiting the Darius mansion as it wasn't everyday such opportunity comes .Ever since he got into rifts valley university, Neit
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Chapter 04
Alex ran as fast as his legs could carry him.he checked the wristwatch he was putting on his wrist “9:25 pm “ he muttered.“Abigail Darius and James Darius, you humiliated me and made everyone mock me! I will never forget this day !”he stared at the wristwatch again this time not to check the time but, to remember his he was engulfed in emotions his mother had given him the gold wristwatch a few weeks before her demise and since it was the only gift the woman gave him, he hadn't thought of selling it even though it was a bar of real gold. and he needed money. so many times, he had wondered how his mother got the money for such an expensive wristwatch but he hasn't been able to come to a clue.he ran as tears filled his eyes.he was in pain he ached to be treated as an important being.all he wants is to live his life like a normal human and not to be bullied!as he runs, a strong wind sends a shiver down his spine then followed by a deafening thunderstorm as the sky
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Chapter 05
Mr. Kim drove for almost an hour.Alex had started having doubts about him already, but decided to just keep quiet and watch. “Wow” Alex opened his mouth in admiration when Mr. Kim stopped outside a mansion.It was dark already, but with the car headlight, Alex could see clearly. The gate slowly open and he drove in.As Mr. Kim drove into the compound, Alex felt his heart stop. light bulbs having different colors filled everywhere, “this is paradise” he inhaled.“This place is way bigger and prettier than the Darius mansion which I visited yesterday” he hisses, “ I can't wait to see the owner of this place, who happens to be my grandfather” his heart jumps In excitement.“ If my father is actually this rich man’s son, then I am part of this wealth!” he jumps and dances In his heart. Even though he thought he was only excited in his heart, Mr. Kim could see through him.“Welcome to The Xavier's mansion and don't forget you are Xavier's only grandson and the heir to all this wealt
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Chapter 06
“Grandfather, did you adopt him?Have we not been taking good care of you” Mrs. Darius asked as adoption was the only way for Mr. Xavier to suddenly have a grandchild that they weren't aware of until he grew this big.“And from what Abigail and James have been saying, this young man just graduated from college. If this young man is actually his grandson without adoption, then it only means one thing-peter Xavier had a son before leaving. Then Mr. Xavier had been keeping her and her family in the dark all these years” Mrs. Darius boiled in anger in her heart.Mr. Xavier Smiled as though he had trained himself to answer this particular question “if I adopted him, he wouldn't have been my grandson Rose. Alex is Peter’s son and the only heir of Xavier’s wealth “Abigail felt her heart beat at a quick pace.This wasn’t happening.Grandpa can't be serious! Of course, he is joking. Alex, the poorest student in school, can’t suddenly become Xavier’s heir! No.“Grandpa Alex is a nobody. A commo
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Chapter 07
“I have been bullied by James and his friends in college, but I thought Abigail was different until the last day of exam.She invited me to the farewell party only to force me to sweep during the party and when I refused she slapped and humiliated me, but that isn’t enough.Now she still continues to humiliate me in my own father's house and I will not take it anymore, “ Alex narrow his eyes.He roams his eyes around the sitting room, making sure his eyes collide with everyone’s eyes.James and Abigail gave him a deadly glare, but he ignored, “I will prove to you that am actually a member of this family and not just a member, but the only heir of Xavier’s family.“He means to say the only heir of poverty, not Xavier’s family, “ James scoffed.He looked at Mr. Xavier who had a smile on his face. he was staring at him with a ‘now you are behaving like my blood’ look “grandpa, I have something that my mother gave me. she told me my father gave it to her “Alex said removing his wristwat
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Chapter 08
The next day, Mr. Kim knocked at Alex's door.“hey young master Alex, quick come out we have somewhere to go”“It's still night” Alex yawns sleeping back.“no Alex it's a few minutes past 10:am” Mr. Kim knocks at the door again.Alex quickly jumped down from the bed. he lifts the curtain up “it's actually morning, but why did time decide to fly today of all day” he grumbles walking towards the door.“Gosh! this bed is so soft and spacious and I've never slept on such in my life. I feel like sleeping a few more hours” he said “you will buy and sleep on more comfy and spacious bed because you are no longer going to that old life your father made you live. I will make sure of that” Mr. Kim said as he heard what Alex said even though he said it in a low tone.“good morning Mr. Kim” he greets yawning more.“good morning young master Alex. but you don't have to add Mr just call me Kim you are my boss,” Mr. Kim said“Until you stop addressing me as young master, I won't stop from addressing
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Chapter 09
While the other two guards help Alex up, Mr. Kim narrows his eyes furiously at Andrea and Mark, who stood as if they had seen a ghost.Mr. Xavier stone was in a meeting when he came, so he had to wait for him to finish before going in to see him.And now he was going with two guards to bring in Alex when he saw Andrea push Alex.“How dare you push him that way do you know who he is” Mr. Kim shouted and Andrea and Mark shivered in fright, “he is Alexander Xavier, the only heir of Xavier stone.On hearing Mr. Kim's words, Andrea and Mark opened their mouths in disbelief.Ever since they became James friends back in high school, they've always seen Mr. Kim around. He was among the oldest workers Mr. Xavier had but never had they seen this other side of him, so, it was enough to flinch In fright knowing this other side of him was shown to them because of Alex, a poor church rat. Someone who was the poorest student in the whole of rift valley university. The son of a common sweep!“Wait. Ar
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Chapter 10
“Alex, Alex wait. your grandfather might have forgotten to tell you” Mr. Kim called out to Alex as he was running out of the empire premises.Alex heard Mr. Kim but didn't stop.he didn't think he belong to this circle.“how did all this get into my head? why did I believe he will make me his heir? I am a nobody. the son of a common sweep for crying out loud how did I forget all this and allow them to feed me with lies!” Alex cries as he doubles his steps.all he wanted was to go away.faraway to where no one knows him and starts his life.his parents were dead and there was nothing for him here so leaving before he get humiliated before everyone at the party was the only option he wanted to opt for.“Alex your grandfather made me bring you home. and you think he will go all the way out to bring his only grandson home just to make him watch his position given to another person?”Mr. Kim asked panting.but after trying all he could to make Alex stop so they could talk, and it fell on de
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