DALNO: The Beginning

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DALNO: The Beginning

By: Vince Albacite OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Vincent Ashite, a just-turned 12-year old in a village-country named Homura. He got affected by a frame up from a powerful man. He's not alone with the same name, as all of his akin had been affected too by the form of massacre. A common victim of this phenomenon is called “devil” or “killer”. But alike him, with blood and thought in quench of vengeance toward the specific man, are termed as “vessels”. He then finds clues and answers to the man who framed them. On the way, he met friends who held the same grudge to the same man, or just a good friend? Together, they slowly piece up pieces of the pathway towards the man’s identity. Yet, as they piece up those pieces, the man takes action behind and beyond their sight, discombobulating more dismantled pieces that reveal revelations that they never thought are leads to greater dangers. Witness Vincent and his friends venture around this vast world… An adventure of friendship, trust, power, and despair that made them all… A DALNO.

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13 chapters
CHAPTER 0: Case File #777
February 27, 3130 In the raging breeze, at a deserted castle within the vastness of fine dust. A silver-haired man and a black-haired woman stood in front of the castle of ruins. The white-haired man gulps nervously as it slowly knocks on the gigantic gate. THUG THUG THUG Despite the soft knock, the travel of sound through the gate is enough to make goosebumps arise. However, else is nothing but the soaring sound of the wind, making the enormous door rickety in an uneasy way. The man attempts another knock. Before its hand made contact with the door, the door blew to smithereens. Revealing eight figures with the eighth being the man’s alchemist. It has come that the figures have known by them as the infamous savage terrorist group “Felentinna”. With a knocked guard, the man has come unknowingly about a certain event. Being split up, the man’s gaze is in search of the woman while avoiding consecutive attacks by the five figures of the Felentinna. Tumbling upward, downward, side
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CHAPTER 1: The Avenger & The Resolute
February 27, 3142, 7:25 AM at Bomei Elementary School, Homura. I did not kill him, W-We never did that. That's all… A frame-up. The boy opened his eyes and met a fist to his face. We never killed him. The boy fell to the ground as more kids ran to beat him. Believe me, We are not the culprit. I will prove the government wrong, and destroy the man who started all of this, Weldrin Vodabrick A total of eight male kids left the boy in a bloody state as the school ring ended the fight. Seeking revenge, the boy found an opening, picked a rock, and rushed to the kids. Suddenly, a teacher named Raiden holds his hand stuck. And sighs. “Bullying again? Cain? Lucie?” “No, we did nothing. The Ashite only smashed the rock to his face so he can frame us for attempted murder” An accomplice of the two replied. “Hmph,” Why, why, I’m a teacher, yet, I don’t have the guts to prevent bullying, is this the effect of the law? Did the law get absorbed into my brain like a dried cacao seed?
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CHAPTER 2: Result Of Turning Events
After two hours of walking, the boy frailly reached home, lost enough blood to make his vision blurry, he saw an incoherent silhouette of a red-haired woman approaching in his direction and passed out. Thirty minutes have passed, and the boy starts to wake up. Still having a blurry vision, the red-haired woman is holding the boy’s hand in her face as it performs ancestral hand signs. A green specter glare starts to come out from the woman’s hand as she continues the movement. “Continuous Seal: Complete Heal” The woman then placed its palm with the specter light on the boy’s chest, the light rapidly scattered to the boy’s body and healed the bruises and open wounds it passes, then it traveled inside to his body healing the damaged tissues, internal bleedings, small fractures, and lastly the blood addition slowly bringing the boy’s vision to normal. The boy realizes that the red-haired woman is his mother and rapidly hugs her tight with despair in his eyes. “Ko, where is…” A sudde
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CHAPTER 3: An Encounter Of Two Killers
Scared by the infamous face of a killer, the mother kept declining in a tremble, protecting her daughter in a blue hooded jacket. “Give me the bagel… NOW” The fuck? All that for a damn bagel? The boy sighs disappointedly. Sometimes, Motives sound stupid when said aloud, isn’t it? “Hey!” the boy yells as he claps his hand twice walking into the scene. Attracting the man in black. As the man in black is seen by the boy, the boy starts to struggle at walking forward. “What?” said the infamous Noir Robin. Not seeming to answer, Noir Robin turns back his gaze to the mother and daughter and continues the unfinished crime. Shit Shit SHIT It's actually him It's my chance The start of saving an old reputation Fuck My brain Its giving me fears The boy continues walking to the scene, menacingly shaking, with seriousness on his sweaty face, and doubts filling his fearful mind. "Stop doing that sir, it's not cool", the boy attempted to save the mother and daughter. "You seem n
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CHAPTER 4: The Name's Vincent Ashite
From a distance, Naiyhto can feel the pressure from the energy that Vincent released in such a long time. Raiden does feel it too, but his paralysis prevented him from reacting, yet he is still shocked. "Hmn, flexing too MUCH?" Naiyhto responds as he does 20 ancestral hand signs, then incants 20 Seals: Flash Step, teleporting himself to Vincent. Naiyhto draws closer with a smirk. Coldly, Vincent goes to a stance, keeps his katana on his left shoulder, and swiftly draws it forward. It then disappeared into thousand hexagon pieces floating around him. I thought I’ve made friends, Instead, I’ve made the ones who will cause my own to perish. “Sword Style, Manipulate: Rushing Barrier” The hexagons stopped floating, and each materialized into razor-sharp slash rays connecting to a nearby hexagon and slowly forming a sphere of continuous slashes protecting Vincent within. As Naiyhto continue his flash step, he noticed the rushing light of slashes drawing in his direction. He managed to
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CHAPTER 5: Successful Second First Day Of Class
June 10, 3142, Four months after the Bomei Elementary School ceremony. Vincent, inside his consciousness at the mask’s environment with the sealed being now comprehensible by its mask. The mask sighs in boredom as Vincent walks toward it. “What exactly are you? My guy”, Vincent positively asks. “Huh?” blankly replied by the mask. “Like, what kind of being are you?” “Why do you care about such information?” “Eh, I dunno, maybe you could be my friend or ally or something” “Not a chance for a mere vessel” “Wellll, could I get your name at least?” The mask sighs, moments after, a grunt is heard. The mask looked to its front, a terrified Vincent got struck by a yellow streak of lightning towards his head, making the mask shocked. Vincent fell to the flesh-like grounds and held his head with both hands, grunting continuously from pain. Vincent screams in an attempt to restrain the pain, the mask thinks it's an act and remains cold. The moment the mask’s eyelid is close to blinking,
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CHAPTER 6: The Failed Lightning Streak
June 10, 3142, 10:20 AM. HSMA interrogation room. A sound of beaten flesh surrounded the silence of the isolated underground room below Homura. Then follows a splat of blood rushing like rain as blows throw it away from the figure’s beaten-up body. Behind the beat-up is a soundproof glass work with a single fluorescent producing a classical-yellow glare representing the aging item. The light reveals a black-haired man in the same HSMA uniform as the one who’s beating up. There, the man examines a familiar syringe with every piece of equipment the room had. [HSMA Uniform: A sign of being an official member of Homura Secret Mission Agency consisting of a funnel-collared black long sleeve with a certain color combination which tells a member what area of Homura he/she will focus on] The man grabs a flashlight and holds it with his mouth aiming forward as he picks up the scalpel and slowly sliced the syringe. Getting a test tube, he transferred the droplets of the sketchy liquid into i
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CHAPTER 7: Dedication Upon Passion
June 10, 3142, 10:40 AM, Kyourou-ho Hospital: Asoko Branch. Aston is walking to the hallway of the establishment while looking at the number tags above the patient’s doors. He stopped in front of one, Room #665. Raised his right arm, and attempted to knock on the door. The door opened before so, revealing a red-haired girl standing with its anesthetic stand as support, reminiscing Naiyhto. “Are you, Nozomi Makushi?” The girl nods coldly. “Where’s brother?” Nozomi asked in demand. Aston gazes at the cross above Nozomi’s bed. Noticing, Nozomi starts to cry and loses grip on her anesthetic stand. He then attempted to help her get up, but as he got closer to Nozomi. “I will kill you— Vincent Ashite” Shocked, Aston swiftly turned his head around the room and saw a television parallel to Nozomi’s bed. Aston swiftly got out of a sobbing Nozomi’s room and busted rushing out of the hospital. He speedwalks with his hands inside his pockets with an alarming expression. How? How can it b
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CHAPTER 8: Strong & Strongest
June 9, 3142, Lissclion clan residence. Blaze is standing, observing something at a window. He watches the situation outside in a hollow as a cry of a little boy kept louder in grunts. As he watches the beating, he recalls the news he saw in the last month of the fourth. He then crunched both of his hands inside his pockets as he recalled every word the boy spoke at that specific news and aggressively gritted his teeth. That guy, His words annoy me, Even just a syllable of it, It makes me puke to myself. But even so, He is strong, And his strength, Interest’s me A knocking sound came from the other side of his room and a woman clearing her throat followed. Blaze casually turned his head towards it, and calmly stomped his left foot twice. “This is Maid Aeris, someone has come to meet you, Master Lissclion” Blaze slowly walked to the door and stopped near it with a cold expression, and sighed. “For seven dang years, Master Lissclion is nonexistent” Without Maid Aeris’s answ
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CHAPTER 9: Escalations
Amidst the fight, Blaze starts to weaken from the blows he threw to Ren, which is still mysteriously untouched. Blaze currently sped up in circles as fast as the remaining of his energy could. While his eyes are still on Ren’s casual position, the same question occurs. Why can’t I hit him? Other than that, how can he hit me without any physical contact? Blaze finches his eyes and is glad to notice that Ren’s fists have fresh-made bruises. He immediately charged toward Ren with a smile on his demolished face. Ren, still unknowingly clueless, began to smile and slowly tilts his head toward Blaze in an uncanny way. Even running faster than the falling leaves, it startles Blaze. He stared longer at Ren’s face, and his uncanny face became disturbingly wrinkled. Blaze decides to end this and quickly throws a fist loaded with his Arcanae energy towards Ren’s face. But as it got closer, his gaze can’t be moved from the death stare of Ren’s right eye. Then it suddenly tilted to the side as
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