The family of three ate happily and cleaned up after dinner, as Jason went back to his room he took a shower wore his pajamas and went to bed feeling drowsy he went to sleep, opening his eyes in a familiar environment Jason said with a smile I'm back here again, suddenly feeling his ear's twitch he rolled on the ground dodging a razor like claw, looking at the mantis with a smiling face Jason said we meet again,

It was indeed a pleasant surprise for the giant praying mantis as it looked at the familiar human it had killed once before, as it had felt the presence of another being nearby it immediately sprang into action piercing at the target with an astonishing speed obviously not intending for him to dodge, looking at the distracted praying mantis Jason took the initiative attacking with his arm he activated his skill metal fist.

Punching hard at the mantis he aimed his full force at the weak looking neck of the praying mantis, Boom! With the sound of a light crack you could see some green blood seeping out of the now cracked exoskeleton of the praying mantis, obviously feeling the pain of the attack the mantis howled with a high-pitched screech "so hard said Jason as he was not expecting the exoskeleton of the praying mantis to be that hard, with a whoosh the razor like arms of the praying mantis hacked downwards, blocking the razor like arm with his metal arm Jason uttered a shout as pain spread through his entire body, the razor like arm of the praying mantis pierced through his hardened skin and flesh stopping right in front of his bones, leaving a terrifying wound in his arm, raising its second arm and striking again, the mantis intended to finish Jason off, whoosh seeing the second arm moving towards him Jason's eyes turned blood red, time seemed to slow down as millions of thoughts flashed past his mind.

He was too slow to dodge the attack, so there was only one thing he could do, moving his second arm forward to block the claw Jason felt another pang of pain spread through his entire body as he used genetic energy to slow down his blood flow making his bleeding slow down, with blood red eyes Jason bit the neck of the mantis, at exactly the same spot where he punched earlier making the mantic scream in pain, as it struggled to escape Jason's grasp, staying in that position for a long time the mantis dropped on the ground having lost too much blood, feeling exhausted Jason fell on the ground. At the same time a robotic female voice sounded out from nowhere saying

{Congratulations on your first kill in the hunting dimension}

{As it is your first time here you will be healed of all wounds, note this will never happen again}

Jason felt a white light envelope him healing his wounds, getting up from the ground he dusted his body removing the dirt or grass that stuck on him as he fell, looking at the place where the dead body was supposed to be Jason saw a few floating card like object, picking up the cards Jason received another system notification

{Coins: 11}

{Blank attributes: 15}

{Basic wind talent}

{Wind heart}

{Mantis Dagger}

{Genetic points: 18}

{Spiritual card: 9}

All the other card's disappeared leaving only the mantis dagger on hand {would you like to put it in your inventory} asked the female voice of the system, thinking back to the time when he was rewarded for looking at the stats of a person twice "yes it did mention something like that, inventory what is this thing thought Jason {would you like to use two coin to get a detailed explanation of the systems full capability's} feeling surprised Jason asked "isn't it your Job to tell me how you work, it's  supposed to be free" said Jason not wanting to spend any of his hard earned coins "ok fine" said Jason after a long pause as he called out stats.

RACE: human

SEX: male

CLASS 1: genetic warrior: F- level 5 {518 / 70,000}

CLASS 2: spiritual cultivator: controller- level 3 {344 / 90,000} 







(Available points to distribute: 15)

Skills: {Everything is a chess piece intermediate level: 1 / 1,000,000} {Burst: 1 / 100} {dagger mastery intermediate: 1 / 50,000} {metal fist: 1 / 100} {wind heart: 1 / 5000}


Coin: 20                                         

Talent: {basic metal talent 5 / 10,000} {basic fire talent 3 / 10,000} {basic wind talent 4 / 10,000}

Inventory: {mantis dagger}

Bloodline skills: {discerning eyes}

"So start explaining" Jason said with an impatient look on his face, as the robotic female voice said {the first attribute on your stats bar specifies you race, the second specifies your sex, the third the third show's you your progress as a genetic warrior while the 4th shows you your progress as a spiritual cultivator, note you will not be able to go to the next level of your genetic training if all required stats are not at the peak of that level the same with your spiritual cultivation, your strength, stamina and agility are what determines if you are at the peak of your genetic energy training and are eligible to enter the next level, your intelligence, perception and charm are what determines if you are eligible to enter the next level in your spiritual energy training.}

{On your stat windows you will see an icon saying available points to distributes this is a way for you to increase your strength, stamina, agility, intelligence, perception and charm you can also use it to increase the completion of your skills.}

{In the skill section of your stat, the skill everything is a chess piece is a skill that allows you to think more rationally in a fight letting you manipulate your opponents, the skill is unusable without your bloodline skill discerning eyes, the skill burst allows for an instantaneous power burst in attacks or movement but comes at a high stamina consumption, the skill dagger mastery is your mastery over the dagger, the skill wind heart allows you to use the wind to sense the beings in the surroundings, and the skill metal fist as the name implied is Just a metal fist.}

{The inventory allows you to store weapons and tools generated by the system, and the bloodline skill are skills that would come with your bloodline as you grow stronger, the talent section determines if you can use a skill or not affecting you proficiency with the skill and the ways you could use the skill, you can increase your talent by killing creatures who have the same talent or just use a training manual.}

Feeling his eye's twitch Jason said why didn't you tell me all this earlier, at least if he had known what the skill burst could do he would have had a better way to defeat the praying mantis.

Sighing Jason got up from his resting spot and decided to move around, picking a random direction he walked forward with a happy smile on his face, looking at the distance he seemed to have spotted something as he stopped and lowed his body using the grass as cover, about a hundred meters away you could see a praying mantis but this one looked much smaller than the previous one he fought with earlier.

It looked like a child, "a baby mantis" Jason thought with an evil smile, moving slowly in the direction of the baby mantis and seeing he could not move forward anymore without being discovered he prepared to strike taking out the mantis dagger from his inventory he, dashed forward at an astonishing speed swinging his dagger towards the baby mantis "ekkkkk" with a loud shriek the baby mantis collapsed leaving behind bunch of gift cards.

{Coins: 6}

{Blank attributes: 5}

{Basic wind talent +6}

{Wind heart +5}

{Genetic points: 4}

{Spiritual card: 4}

Looking at the free attributes Jason thought with a smile "poor mantis, you wouldn't live long without you parents anyway" suddenly as if he remembered something "wait parents, I've only killed two of the mantis where is the dad" thought Jason as he looked at his surroundings suddenly with a whoosh Jason felt the hairs on his neck stand at its ends, feeling the imminent danger Jason knew he was too slow to turn around and block it not to talk about dodging it.

Activating the skill burst the muscles on his body bulged a little, as he got a massive boost in power with all his strength he turned around his dagger meeting the razor like arm of a praying mantis, Jason felt like he was hit by a speeding car as his body was flung backwards like a ragdoll, if he had reacted any slower he would have been dead by now, his arms felt numb as he couldn't use them anymore.

Looking at the praying mantis, it had a much darker shell than the mantis he had fought before and its body looked way sturdier, that wasn't the most terrifying thing about it though, what was most terrifying was the fact that Jason could not feel it at all, its body seemed to be one with the wind swaying from side to side along with the wind's movement, it seemed to be merging with the grass in the surrounding's giving you the impression that once you took your eyes off it you wouldn't see it again, it was soundless with each step as silent as can be, it looked like a killing machine.

Getting back on his feet and looking back at the mantis Jason tried to look at its stats for the first time since he came to this hunting dimension

Race: mantis

Sex: female

Rank: F level-10

Skills: ******

Looking at the stats of the mantis the first thing Jason did was to run away, he ran away as fast as he could, he couldn't even see the skills it could use, what a joke, you want me to kill something like that go hell, Jason didn't worry about the mantis catching up to him as he had already activated burst and had a speed of about 100 kilometers per hour the speed of an average car, looking backwards Jason let out a sigh of relief as he could no longer see the mantis, by now he had left the grassy field and had now come close to a stream of water, stopping to catch his breath Jason walked up to the stream trying to get some water to drink but was shocked by what he saw, in the clear reflection of the water, he saw a dark green praying mantis staring at him with its dark green net like eyes and raising its claw it hacked downwards stabbing Jason in the chest from behind.

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