Outside the dimension Jason's body was at the hospital with a drip connected to his arm, his body was sucking spiritual energy from the surrounding's.

"Mom what's wrong with big brother" asked Anna with worry evident on her face "Don't worry honey the doctor said he was becoming an awakened" that's awesome, Anna said with glee

"Yes it's indeed awesome said Dalia as she looked at Jason's body with worry, Jason was indeed undergoing a bloodline awakening according to what the doctor said.

"This is a very rear case considering the fact that none of his family members has ever been a genetic warrior or had a bloodline awakening" The doctor said with excitement visible on his face, he was indeed excited because as the doctor who discovered Jason he would get rewarded by the alliance.

"Doctor please do me a favor and don't report my son to the alliance, I want him to decide whether he wants to work for the alliance or not" said Dalia wiping the smile off the doctors face.

If they had indeed contacted the alliance they would have been many different factions and organizations there trying to rope Jason in before he even awakened.

That was because awakeners who where past 18 that where not affiliated with any organization was rear, after a long argument with the doctor he reluctantly agreed with Dalia as he didn't want to offend the mother of an awakened.

Inside the red dimension {undead killed: 700,000 / 1,000, 000} 

{Everything is a chess piece beginner level: 700,000 / 1,000,000}

Covered from head to toe in black blood, Jason was exhausted but his eyes brimmed, undead beings were running towards him from all directions.

An undead being was at his back getting close to him as it slashed with its claws but as if having eyes at the back of his head Jason tilted his body a little to the right resulting in the claw missing him and hitting the undead in front with a swoosh his dagger passed through the neck of the undead being behind him killing the two undead in one fail swoop.

His movement clear and without hesitation, his gaze calm and eerie, looking at his eyes he had the kind of gaze that would make your hair stand at its ends, he didn't know how long he had been there but all he knew was that he had to survive.

Feeling his ears twitch he heard the sound of movement from underground, jumping up and doing a backflip he left his original position as a disfigured hand emerged from the soil pulling itself up from underground.

But before it could completely emerge a dagger was already impaled in his head, pulling out his dagger from the undead Jason fought wave after wave of monsters suddenly.

Ting {undead killed: 999,999/ 1,000,000}

Said a female robotic voice as a white orb appeared in his arm healing all his injuries immediately after he felt the ground rumbling as a black skeleton as big as a truck appeared in his field of vision you've got to be kidding me Jason muttered as he took a step backward

Note Jason was not afraid he just knew it would be impossible to defeat something like that without being an awakened, he had already pushed his body to the limit of what the high student level could achieve "there is a loophole there is always a loophole" said Jason as he got ready to fight.

You may not have noticed It but all the monsters he fought had the same level of strength as him the only condition was for him not to run away like how the undead monster caught up to him immediately if he tried to run he wasn't about to risk getting hit by this monster "FIGHT" that was the only thing he could do.

Rushing forward Jason tried to think of what he could do suddenly the surrounding black smoke immediately started compressing to form a broadsword as big as two tables "whoosh" the skeleton monster lower its stance Sweeping the huge sword towards Jason.

Rushing forward Jason knew that the sword would cut him in half if he made contact with it, sliding on the ground and dodging the sword Jason felt could sweat drip down his fore head, what was that Jason said looking at the sword.

He did not calculate the dodging of a sword when he ran forward earlier, his plan was to slide under the skeletons legs, if the skeleton had chopped instead of slashed he would have been dead by now.

Seeing that the prey was behind him the black skeleton roared in anger as it turned around but there was a problem its movement's when turning around was slow astonishingly slow.

Suddenly Jason's eyes gleamed, "loophole" Jason said as he ran towards it, seeing that Jason was coming towards it the black skeleton roared with anger as it chopped at Jason, but with odd movements Jason dodged it and arrived at the back of the skeleton jumping onto its leg Jason climbed up until he reached the top that was the skeletons head.

The monster didn't seem to be able to feel Jason on its body as it looked around "got you" said Jason as he saw a black crystal on the skeletons head stabbing it the skeleton shouted in pain as it resisted trying to slap Jason off its head but it was too late as it disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Falling to the ground Jason rolled with a grunt, he seemed to have dislocated his legs but that didn't matter to him as he was happy he was finally able to complete his task.

picking up the white and red orbs from the black soil Jason was surprised as he saw a new crystal on the floor, it was blood red unlike the previous one of light red picking it up Jason felt elated suddenly a system message appeared

{Undead killed: 1,000,000 / 1,000, 000} 

{Everything is a chess piece intermediate level: 1 / 1,000,000} 

{Quest completed}

Suddenly the black smoke blocking his view cleared up as he was suddenly standing in front of a black throne with a man sitting on it.

Devilishly handsome that was the only words that could be used to describe his features, his gaze condescending like an emperor looking at an ant "who are you" asked Jason as he looked at the beautiful man but received no answer.

"Hello" said Jason again after a moment of silence but still receiving no response he decided to keep quiet and just kept on staring at the man, this peculiar staring contest went on for some time before ancient voice said average "huh" said Jason with shock "how shameless can you be."

"You gave me a fake system, then you sent me here to die, I for one think my performance was excellent," "no your performance was average" the ancient man said

"Ok so what do I call you asked Jason staring at the ancient sounding man "you'll find out in time, for now you're not strong enough" said the ancient sounding man "I'm goanna explain some thing's to you.

"The first thing is I'm dead so don't expect me to come and save you in dangerous situation's, I can only protect you from mental attacks of any kind, that's what the sovereigns protection written on your system means.

As for the downloading skills and manuals you can only use that function when you have my bloodline in you, as you know you can only ever use one element your whole life, for people with mutated bloodline's they could use two to three elements, but as the one with my bloodline in you it allows you to use all elements making it possible for you to use any skill or manual.

Listening to all of this Jason found it reasonable, and didn't take any of it as a lie," so what was that hunting dimension I entered in the first place asked Jason "ohm it was something I stole from an ancient god, it was supposed to be for his son to reach godhood from the student level, even I don't fully understand it I just took it and used it to make a training guide for my successor, ok back to the matter at hand are you ready to receive my bloodline asked the Ancient man.

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