forgotten paradise

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forgotten paradise

By: Alpha OngoingSystem

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in a world ruled by those with supernatural abilities and some mysterious existence, Ron who had lost his family and his home, and his teacher sacrificed herself in order to protect him from danger, he finally opened his eyes to the harsh reality of the world, where the strong are the Hunters and the weak are the prey, then he began to look for revenge and power

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    hi ... ! this is the author , if you're reading this ,you mean that you are interested in my book , kindly leave a review and thank you for your support and time ......️

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    nice story , the power and the plot are good , i love how it focus on two mc , Ron and Bryan .

    2023-04-30 20:04:06
  • Abigail Bermoy


    more chapters please

    2023-10-03 04:32:02
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    2023-08-15 15:57:47
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147 chapters
chapter 1 : without ability
"He is only eleven years old and has not undergone any cultivation, and his mental strength has reached a terrifying level! His level is nine times that of an ordinary person!" An old woman with white hair looked at the back of the child who was leaving and sighed and said again"Not to mention in this small village, even in the Saka Empire, the number of children who can reach his level can be counted with the fingers of a hand.. . ." The tall young man standing beside her scratched his head and asked in confusion, "Madam, what exactly is the soul's strength if that's the case, why didn't he awaken the ability a few days ago? Why didn't you take him as your apprentice?"The old woman looked at the young man with a frown and said, "Adam, you are at the third level of the Root Realm and have yet to comprehend the power of a soul!" Adam lowered his head in shame. The old woman turned her head and said, "mental energy is the basis of strength. If strength is a chariot, then the
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chapter 2 : abilities awakening event
Ron turned into a fine thread and disappeared from the world completely....". . . ron . . . . ron. . . . . . .""Ron . . . . . . . wake up . . . Ron."It was a black-haired woman who looked like she was in her twenties. Inside the same room as before, but this time it wasn't dark. She was trying to wake up the little boy covered in sweat who was constantly tossing around on the bed. Suddenly, Ron opened his eyes and screamed. ""The woman quickly extended her hand and hugged him and patted his back and said: "Little Ron, don’t panic. It was just a bad dream."After a while, he calmed down, wiped the sweat on his face and said to the woman,"Mom, it was a very bad dream, it looked very realistic..." he told his mother everything he saw in the dream.When he finished speaking, the woman said with a smile as she got up," Ron, it was just a bad dream. Come on, get up quickly. Today the people of Thunder City will come to awaken the abilities of the children of the villa
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chapter 3 : the boy who doesn't have any ability
"Am I dreaming, does the boy have a level 6 ability and talent?" said one of the men behind Marilyn."No, you are not dreaming, Mr. Joseph, we have found a treasure in this remote village!" replied another man."Ah..yes! What is..your name!?" Marilyn regained herself and said"My name is Andy...Andy Zoldyck!" Andy said excitedly.A man stepped forward and said, "Andy, you have awakened a level six ability. Are you ready to join the Alpha Academy?"Before Andy spoke, another man said, "Hey Joseph, do you want to steal it? Boy, join Radin Academy."Again another man spoke, "Thieves, do you want to steal it before my eyes, Andy, join the Cloud Academy!" "No. Boy, join the Roll Academy. We will give you all the resources to break through to the crown!". .. The men continued to fight over Andy.Andy got scared and subconsciously released his powerSuddenly vines grew out of the ground and surrounded Andy, forming a shield."Hmm! Wood’s control ability, it has the same ability as an el
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chapter 4 : the old woman
Besides a small lake was standing a frail 11-year-old boy. This boy was Ron. He stood by the lake with a blank look on his pale face, while a few drops of silent tears left from his black eyes,"Ron, you really disappointed me. Do you really think! Not being able to become a capable person is the end of the world, you don't need to be disappointed, it's just an obstacle in your life's path, dear Ron, listen carefully..."Ron let out his frustration when he heard the old woman beside him. Then he nodded and wiped his tears."Ron, listen carefully. What I'm going to tell him now might be the reason for your change of fate," said the old woman.Ron nodded and said, "Okay, ma'am, I'll listen carefully."The woman nodded, "Okay, Ron, how many kinds of living things are there in this world… at least in the Sak Empire in your opinion!!"Confusion appeared on Ron's face when he heard the old woman's words,"Ma'am, even a child knows this...there are three types of human beings in this world:
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chapter 5 : tragedy
The old woman became serious and his eyes pierced the limits of the distance in front of her, looking at the place of the explosion. Suddenly her face turned pale and she began to stammer, " . E-ho. ... impossible. . . what the . . . !! " Ron was in ecstasy because the old woman gave him hope that he would get stronger, but he got him swallowed up in his astonishment. He looked at her to find her face turned pale and then said worriedly, "Madam, what's the matter? Why is your face so pale all of a sudden!?" The old woman was sweating as she looked at the center of the explosion. She had two abilities, one that she naturally awakened and the other of which was with the help of Heaven Treasure, which was level three (yellow), and her ability was that she could see anything within 12 kilometers with perfect clarity. Now the old woman could clearly see the child's house next to her, but there was no longer any house but a huge crater like a crater, and in the middle of t
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chapter 6 : Supernova
" No...!! Not good ! Ron quickly ran away. "the old woman said in a loud voice when she saw the man pointing with the finger of his left hand at Ron. A red light shot quickly in Ron's direction. The old woman quickly responded and carried Ron and jumped out of the place dodging the red beam of light.When the beam hit the ground, an explosion occurred that shook the ground.Boom!!Cold sweat broke out on the old woman's forehead when she saw this,"Hmmm! An old woman in the cell stage body realm, not bad, but just this and you dared to stand up against me!! " Hill said as he looked at the old man angrily."be-…" The old woman wanted to speak but saw that a laser beam was coming in her direction again and she jumped,dodging the attack again,Boom!!Boom!!Boom!!Hill continued firing the laser from his finger continuously, and no trace of fatigue appeared on his face."Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!! It seems that you have reached your limits, old woman. You are in the cellular stage of the body
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chapter 7 : core explosion
It attracted the attention of all the villagers who were horrified by the first explosion. " Just what is happening, why was there an explosion near the Zoldyck family home and now another explosion near the lake !!? " “Everyone, start evacuating. Our village is facing a serious crisis and we may not be alive by the time the people of Thunder City arrive… Hurry, evacuate the children to the emergency evacuation centers… Hurry, clear the place, leave your things and save your lives.” The old man who was the village chief shouted at everyone as he in turn ran towards the emergency cellar! Everyone started to enter their homes, take out their children, and then flee towards the emergency basement. On the other side . The lake and grass disappeared and were replaced by barren land, and there were many pits and cracks in the ground Hill and the old man were both panting wildly. The light surrounding the old man dimmed again while Hale He was covered in blood and had a broken ar
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chapter 8 : Forgotten Paradise Book
After a while Hill and Sophie the Old Woman battle. The cloud of smoke that had obscured the view disappeared, revealing a gigantic and deep crater.. The terrain changes the area so much that it becomes uninhabitable. hum!! In the sky, a medium-sized flying vehicle appeared. This plane was carrying the CAP's logo, which was a scale with two scales in golden color. The vehicle door opened and three people fell from a height of 100 meters. Boom! Boom! Boom!! Each of them making a deep hole in the ground as a result of their fall, the three of them were two middle-aged men and a young woman in their twenties with sky-blue hair, tall and dressed in formal black clothes like the two men. One of the men looked around and then said “Amazing! This is really amazing. The topography of the area has completely changed. Guys, look at that deep hole!!” The woman frowned and said angrily "What's is amazing !? , thousands of people have died... !! " She pointed his finger at the area
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chapter 9 : The Hand of Destruction...
“Congratulations, the conditions for merging have been met… Do you want to merge with the Forgotten Paradise Book!?” “Integration!?, The Forgotten Paradise Book !?, Who are you!?, and what do you mean by these words!?” The voice appeared again, answering Ron's questions “The host will obtain all the information it wants if it merges with the Forgotten Paradise Book .!!” Ron frowned and said “I see!, but what will I get if I merge with the Paradise Forgotten Book!?” After a period of silence, the voice spoke again "Because of your low level, you will be able to use some of the book's abilities after you merge with it... If you don't agree, your soul will damage a bit because of the book that will leave your soul..." Ron's eyes lit up and he got excited when he heard that he would get the abilities he wished to awaken them, but unlike his previous enthusiasm, which was manifested in his desire to become strong only now, he had another goal, which was to take revenge on the pe
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chapter 10 : Mental Energy Refinement Technique
It was a miracle that he did not lose consciousness due to these injuries Just when he thought it was over, the monkeys revealed his rows of sharp and hideous teeth and stepped forward. One of the monkeys grabbed his left arm and bit it. "Ugh..." A painful shriek came out from Ron's mouth, whose body began to tremble with pain. The monkey didn't stop as it tore the flesh off its arm and devoured it in front of Ron's confused eyes. Just when the monkey wanted to take another bite out of Ron's arm, the last thing he saw was darkness before his consciousness plunged into darkness. Ron, who was on the verge of passing out from the pain and also losing blood and vitality, somehow managed to activate his ability and punched the monkey's face with his small fist. Like a black fire, darkness spread throughout the ape's body. When the dark fire disappeared, the ape's body disappeared with it, leaving only a small blue ball on top of a lump of dust. All the monkeys retreated in panic w
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